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I want to make sure it doesnt become irrelevant, and I want to encourage participants to feel responsible for its success. Through exposing poets to practices outside their immediate circles, we hope to foster a movement in poetry that has the best of every practice and can be claimed by us all. JW: you mentioned in a previous interview that you wouldnt want to rely on government grants to keep the series afloat and prefer to rely on community support. Beyond the obvious fact that community support helps ensure that the series is serving a function deemed important by attendees, are there other benefits, for example political benefits, to being supported by a community rather than a government? BZ: At Shab-e sher we believe in community building and there wont be one without poets bringing people together. After all, because we believe in socially and politically engaged poetry, it makes no sense to produce or showcase it in the absence of an audience.

You listen with your heart. This increases your empathy and respect for people who do not have your command over the dominant language and yet are driven by the urge to share their feelings. It is the best cultural exchange that can happen. JW: How do you think your background as a professor of literature and literary critic has shaped your approach to curating a poetry reading series? Do you carry over skills or interests from academia into your series? BZ: years of teaching at university level have given me self-confidence and social and leadership skills. My background has also helped me form and articulate my sex vision and not be swayed by those who have tried to highjack the event. It has given me the management skills I need to interact with team members, volunteers, audiences and featured poets. It has also allowed me to go beyond the academic approach. I have been encouraged to introduce pedantry, but I havent given. I see my role at Shab-e sher as the organizer and facilitator of an ongoing cultural exchange.

funny in farsi essay

Funny in Farsi: a memoir of Growing Up Iranian in America

I assume that often this means that you or some members of the audience are listening to poetry being read in a language you or they do not know. Are there emotional, intellectual, interests or physical differences between how you experience poetry written in a language you dont know and poetry written in a language you do know? BZ: Multiculturalism is respect for the way diverse cultures express themselves: in poetry the way is the language and even the accent. Though Toronto is one of the most diverse cities on the planet, i am not sure torontonians realize the extent of linguistic alienation of newcomers. Listening to poetry in another language highlights its musical and linguistic aspects. If the language you are listening to is of the same family as the one(s) you are familiar with, you listen more intently to pick up the odd word or expression you may know. You also listen with your pre-verbal ear.

funny in farsi essay

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Awesome, thank you so much, mimi. My pleasure, bänoo zan is the founder, artistic director, and host of Shab-e sher, which has been described as the most diverse poetry series and openstage in Toronto. Now four and a half years old, having begun in november 2012, the reading series holds events on the last tuesday of every month, which currently take place in the Church. Stephen-in-the-fields dissertation near College and Spadina. Zan graciously agreed to an interview with. Draft reading Series collective member Jade wallace to talk about experiencing poetry in a language you dont speak, the relationship between academia and the literary community shes building, and government grants. Below is part three of a three-part interview. JW: your reading series openly welcomes works in any language.

Were going to be doing some fundraisers in here for an Indian dance crew, and different cd releases. I hope to do some art gallery nights. We are open to anything. What is the future for you and the dock? For my music, Im touring India in February, and going to mexico in January. For the dock, were here for the long-haul, and expand music more than the days we already have music, Thursday, friday, and Saturday. We hope to get busier, host different events, and build from where we are. Weve only been here for two months so we have a lot of room to grow and establish ourselves in this neighbourhood. We want to make a name for ourselves and have the community come in here and take part.

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funny in farsi essay

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And why open a cafe in Leslieville? I used to live in Leslieville. And trying to perform in Toronto is a struggle. Theres a lot of places in the west-end for singer-songwriters to play but in the east-end, null theres nowhere to play. It all came resume together perfectly when we found this place. It was the perfect fit for coffee and music. And do you hope the dock will add colour to the neighbourhoods persona?

Well, i think its going to enhance and give the community a different place to express itself. We want to encourage the arts and music, and I think that there is a need for that in Leslieville. To give people a voice. Besides the Draft, do you hope to host more literary events? We thought of doing a monthly poetry night, for different avenues. If anyone else comes to us we can be reached at our site or our Facebook page, were very flexible and open to different performances or gatherings or events.

The dock has a rustic atmosphere. Who designed the space? We designed and renovated it ourselves. Were from northern Ontario, so we brought the north Ontario vibe. Im from Sudbury, so we brought a little piece of home to toronto.

All the wood (she taps on the table between us, its covered in coffee mug burns) is from just outside of Sudbury. Except for our kitchen equipment, everything is repurposed and reused and recycled. Nice, so what is your favourite drink at the dock? Well because its summertime we have our specialty, the coconut Dream. Its a coconut flavoured ice latte. But we make all the drinks the traditional way. Our cappuccinos, our lattes are made in the proper way of making coffee. We take a lot of pride in our coffee.

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Then you moved onto being the proprietress of The dock. Yeah, my dad and i and my cousin had the opportunity to open up this coffee shop. My cousin is also a essay singer as well as a dancer and actor. And so when we were building this place, it was very important to have write it a space for artists. We want it to have music and dance and poetry nights. We have local artists put their work on the wall and now we have a reading night. So its kind of a different space from a regular coffee shop because its very artist-driven you know? Our coffee is local from where were from, which is Northern Ontario, so its very important to keep it local in Toronto.

funny in farsi essay

Even before i could talk i would sing and dance and put on concerts for my family. My parents always knew that I kannada was going to become a musician since i was 1. I started taking music seriously when I was in highschool, and I just kinda went from there. You chose to become a musician but you are also a workshop instructor. What can you tell me about your workshop Rhythm rhyme? I do some songwriting workshops across Ontario, southern Ontario and northern Ontario, for kids grades. And I do songwriting and empowerment through storytelling and song creation.

a career like hers. Whats your favourite poem or piece of music? Oppression by ben Harper, is a good song, based on whats happening in the world. Its written like a poem and the way he sings it is like a spoken-word. So why did you choose to become a musician? Ive always been a musician.

What is your musics biggest influence? I listen to a lot of different artists. But in my music, i am the same person when I write music and in everyday life. Some people have a different persona when they perform, but i keep it real. I like that, i keep it real. Who is your most-admired artist? I have a couple of influences. Bob Marley is one and the other is Buffy sainte-marie. Shes a first-nations woman from Saskatchewan, whos been around since the 60s.


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A conversation with Mimi obonsawin, artist/teacher/proud owner of the dock, drafts newest venue. When I walked into the dock, my first impression was of a cafe tucked between a kayak shop and tourist trading post somewhere in Huntsville. Looking back outside, a crane loomed over, ready to throw up Torontos latest condo tower over a neighbourhood steeped in family-friendly quaintness. Mimi obonsawin was standing by the counter, chatting with a barista. Shes a slight lady, steeped under dreadlocks, with owlishly resume round glasses that looked like she inherited them from a librarian. As an indie singer-songwriter as well as the proprietress of Drafts newest venue. I asked her about her music passions and her newest venture. Answers have been condensed and changed for clarity. I listened to your most recent album, and it has a distinct style, unique from other indie singer-songwriters.

funny in farsi essay
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