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It was here that revolutionary meetings and gatherings were held. The larg Artistic and Cultural Life of Britain Artistic and cultural life in Britain is rather rich. It passed several main stages in its development. The saxon King Alfred encouraged the arts and cultur British Drama Theatre today britain is now one of the worlds major theatre centres. Many British actors and actresses are known all over the world. They are dame peggy Ashcroft, Glenda jackson Music and Musicians of Britain The people living in the British Isles are fond of music, and it is quite natural that concerts of the leading symphony orchestras numerous folk groups and pop music Westminster Abbey. Westminster Abbey. Pauls Cathedral is the work of the famous architect Sir Christopher Wren.

The national government gives no direct financial aid to these schools. Today the spiritual traditions are continued by the Shukshin Drama Theatre, the Theatre of loan Altai artists Pre-reading The text you are about to read describes Altai visual art. List five key words you might expect to meet Altai cultural Traditions Pre-reading Find out, if you dont know, what the siberian Rerikh Center is? Altai culture museum Traditions of Barnaul Pre-reading a) What is loyal to its cultural museum traditions? B) Who is responsible for preserving the museum traditions? C) The museum of Regional Studies Pre-reading a) do people in your city visit the museums, exhibitions, and galleries? B) Are certain museums especially popular among the young people? Demidov square we can take our time and admire the architectural treasures of Barnaul. Demidov square is a place where we can always make new discoveries, however many times we return there. Peter and pauls Cathedral in Barnaul The eighteenth century holds a place of its own in the history of Russian culture. It was then that a radical change in all spheres of Russian life started: a new secular culture wa The peoples house The building at Polzunova 35 witnessed many important and dramatic events.

oxbridge notes review

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Dialogue: a foreign visit task. Read the dialogue: Prorector: dear Ladies and Gentlemen! On behalf of the rector of the Altai state Academy of Culture and Arts, i university education in Great Britain There are 46 universities in Britain. But not all universities are equal. They differ from one help another in history, tradition, academic organization. Not all British universities are backed by a wel University education in the United States of America There is no national University in the usa. Each state controls and supports at least one University.

oxbridge notes review

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. How much time do you spend on fill in the table. Repeat after your teacher and memorize the following words and phrases:. The academy of culture and arts task. Read the text and answer the following questions: . How many faculties does the academy have? What does the academy poss oliver text.

The Altai state Aca text. Students life my name is Kate. I am 17 years old, and i am a first-year student at the Altai state Academy of Culture and Arts. I entered this higher educational institution becau. A first-year a first-year student a higher educational to go on to do morning to study various a cup of to enrich ones the latest to take part in to look through a friendly text. Read the dialogue in pairs:   Nick: How was the lecture? Ann: Why are you asking? Did you skip it? Mini-Project Topic: How is it like to be a student?

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oxbridge notes review

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Are these universities independent? Is the envelope fee for study low or high? How many terms is the academic year divided into? What is the system of study at Oxbridge? Do oxford and Cambridge consist of a number of colleges? What can you normally find within the college?

What does each college offer? What degree can a student proceed after 3 years of study? What custom do the students at Oxbridge keep? Why do they try to get old gowns? Repeat after your teacher and memorize the following words: .

Complete the sentences:. Oxford and Cambridge were founded towards the end of the twelfth century. They are often called collectively. The fee for study. The academic year is divided into. Oxford and Cambridge universities consist.

Each college has. Within the college one will normally find. The head of each faculty. After three years of study a student may proceed. Many great men studied at Oxford and Cambridge, among them task. Translate the sentences into English. Answer the questions to the text:. What are the oldest universities in Great Britain? When were they founded?

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Most universities in Great Britain are. Her says she is making a good progress. Our daughter is going to review in the autumn. She wears. The for study is very high in Oxbridge. Our city has its own. They walked because they couldnt a taxi. The college using i studied at had a chapel, a dining room and rooms for students, and the master. Only very rich and families can afford to send their sons and daughters to these universities because the fee for study is very high.

oxbridge notes review

Keeping to the customs of the past the students at Oxford and Cambridge wear long black gowns and students caps. Undergraduates try to get old gowns so that people would think that they have been at Oxford for years. Without his or her gown no student is allowed to call on a tutor, to have dinner in the college dining room or attend a lecture where the gowns are rolled up and used as cushions. Many great men studied at Oxford and Cambridge, among them Cromwell and Chamberlain, the statesmen, bacon, the philosopher, byron and Milton, the poets, newton and Darwin, the scientists, john Galswothy, the writer, and Kapitsa, the famous Russian physicist. Match the words with their definitions: 1) prestigious 4) fee 7) coat of arms 2) independent 5) tutor 8) gown 3) aristocratic 6)college 9) to afford 10) fellow a) having or bringing respect based on good reputation, past achievements etc.; b) amount essay paid for professional. F) belonging to or typical of the highest social class; g) loose flowing robe worn to indicate profession or status (eg. By a judge, lawyer, teacher, member of a university h) university teacher who supervises the studies of a student; i) have enough money, time, space for a special purpose; j) member of the governing body of some colleges or universities. Fill in the gaps with the words from task. She may be a very author, but she does not live at a very address.

its name, its coat of arms. Each college is headed by a master. Within the college one will normally find a chapel, a dining hall, a library, rooms for students, fellows and the master, and also rooms for teaching purposes. Each college offers teaching in a wide range of subjects according to the chosen faculty: divinity, medicine, philosophy, law, music, natural sciences, economics, engineering, agriculture, commerce and education. The head of each faculty is the dean. After three years of study a student may proceed to a bachelors Degree and later to the degree of Master and Doctor.

What oliver is the most popular custom at Oxbridge? Who studied at Oxford and Cambridge? The oldest and most prestigious universities in Great Britain are Oxford and Cambridge. They were founded towards the end of the twelfth century and are often called collectively Oxbridge to denote an elitarian education. Both universities are independent. Only very rich and aristocratic families can afford to send their sons and daughters to these universities because the fee for study is very high. The academic year is divided into 3 eight-week terms. The tutorial system is one of the ways in which Oxford and Cambridge differ from all other English universities. Each student meets a tutor with whom he discusses his written work and whose advice he follows.

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oxbridge notes review
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