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To be completely realistic, many people, for a variety of reasons, may not get through the next couple of years. The purpose of this current Newsletter is to provide you with a very workable formula, not only for survival in the time ahead but for developing very positive polarization of consciousness and ego transcendence. About two weeks before i started writing this material i asked for spiritual guidance and help in finding the most effective method for evolving during these turbulent times. The veils between our world and higher, more subtle, planes of existence is quite thin now. There is spiritual help available if we simply ask. Its very important to understand that higher beings of light must be asked to assist us, and answer our requests through the faculty of intuition, while beings of darkness come unbidden and operate through the channels of thinking and emotion. A few days later an individual in my weekly discussion group handed me a copy of Conversing With the future, visions of the year 2020 by jenna catherine.

Callenan believes that the end of time doesnt mean that a new cycle will begin. Its the end of the mayan Calendar, the end of cycles. An again, none of this necessarily implies the end of the world. Its certainly the end of the world how weve known it, but it doesnt mean a new game wont start. Its possible that well have the option of merging with the divine and create on a non-physical level of existence. Calleman also suggests: With the ego slain in the Universal Underworld, the heavens will favor a consciousness that is devoid of inner conflicts and produces no external conflicts. The year 2012 in particular, however, will be required for this inner state to settle in a number of individuals who have not been fully prepared for. For the final settling of the enlightened consciousness of the Universal Underworld, the celebrations on the occasion of the venus transit of June 6, 2012, will be very important. They will be expressions of gratitude to the divine cosmos for having brought us to where we are. Getting to 2011, book given all of the catalytic events we must deal with that are predicted for 20, and likely at least part of the Universal Underworld of 2011, the obvious question that will arise for every person reading this material is: Can I make. Its clear that in the context of whats been discussed in this and the last Newsletter that this is a very legitimate question.

the fifth wave book summary

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By 2011 the essay dominance of the dualist mind will wither, and all the conflicts of humanity originating in lower levels of consciousness will be resolved. From the perspective of the enlightened state, the old order will no longer be real. The advanced technologies developed by the dualist mind will find the place they were always meant to have, in service to humanity and the living cosmos, not as tools of domination. By then not only the old monarchic rule, but also democracy, will be a thing of the past (if everyone lives in unity and harmony with the divine, why elect someone to rule them?). All hierarchies will have crumbled. With the end of duality, the dominance of one soul over any other will naturally come to an end, and so there will be no need for a government (which is like the ego of the nation) to steer people through conflicting interests. All human beings will, in a much deeper sense than at present, be recognized as having equal value—each as her or his own manifestation of the divine. In the process of climbing the universal level of consciousness, all limiting thoughts will disappear.

the fifth wave book summary

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As balance between the two hemispheres is created, instead of time we may expect to experience pure being moment by moment. This paradox, of course, is not easily resolved by someone whose mind is still dominated by the dualities generated by lower Underworlds. The ego was established to serve the dualist mind in navigating their changing waters and to maintain a sense of continuity for the individual is the midst of them simply can not survive at the high frequency of the Universal Underworld. The ego is not consistent with the unitary field essay of light that will be ruling the world. In a dualist frame of consciousness, the ego was an important tool for survival; in a unitary frame of consciousness, it will jeopardize the survival of the individual. In an Underworld dominated by unity and enlightenment, acting and thinking based on a dualist frame of mind will become impossible. At the frequency change that will prevail in the Universal Underworld, with shifts between days and Nights every twenty kin (days the mind has to be disengaged if it is not to lead the individual to complete heartbreak or total collapse. Even with proper preparation, for a person who is well aware of the workings of the cosmic plan, the conflict between the five-thousand-year-old dualist mind and the unitary consciousness of the Universal Underworld can only be successfully resolved in one way—through the excision or slaying.

The Universal Underworld is approximately 260 days in length, with each day and Night less than three weeks long. The rate of change, therefore, is astonishingly fast compared even to the galactic Underworld. The mayan Calendar: The Transformation of Consciousness. Calleman states: Paradoxically, as the mayan Calendar system draws to a close, on one hand time will be experienced as moving faster than ever before, and on the other hand as if it is not moving at all. The enlightened consciousness developed in the Universal Underworld will be pulsed onto humankind in a wave movement of the Thirteen heavens that covers a period of only 260 days (or possibly, if it is one-twentieth of the galactic Underworld, 234 days; I cannot tell yet). This reflects a frequency of change of the heavenly energies that by far surpasses anything anyone has ever experienced. Yet there is every reason to believe that, at the same point time will come to an end, since time is an experience that is predominantly mediated by the left-brain hemisphere. In actuality, the experience of time exists only in a world dominated by the imbalance created by duality.

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the fifth wave book summary

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From the mid-seventeenth through the eighteenth Centuries Europe experienced The Age of Enlightenment. The human mind was freed from much of the oppression of the Church, reason transcended dogma gospel and an exciting era of free exploration was initiated. Philosophical and scientific speculation bloomed, and the seeds of humanism began to germinate. Individuals began to identify with humanity as a whole rather than with nation states. At the mid-point of the seventh heaven of the national Underworld, during day one of the Planetary Underworld, the Industrial revolution began and the world radically changed. The French and American revolutions created deep changes on the societal level and brought with them fundamental changes in how people viewed themselves. All of the changes reflected a new sense of freedom—from monarchy, religious hegemony, and superstition.

It wasnt, however, enlightenment on a spiritual level. In the seventh day of the galactic Underworld spiritual enlightenment on a mass scale is designed to emerge—not in the sense of enlightened (or free) thought, but a transcendence of thought. In the Planetary Underworld the left-brain hemisphere, the thinking mind, was freed from the yoke of dogma. In the galactic Underworld the left- and right-brain hemispheres achieve balance, and transcend both the thinking mind and materialism and technology, and the seeds of cosmic consciousness begin to germinate as we enter the Universal Underworld. More and more individuals realize their unity with All-That-Is. Predictions for the seventh day of the Universal Underworld.

The mayan Calendar—The Transformation of Consciousness. Calleman states: The galactic Underworld is more about telepathy and intuition than technology, and although many will resist the change, the emphasis of the future will be less on things and gadgets, as was the case in the Planetary. Because of the blindfolded consciousness that ruled the latter, all nature was assumed to exist only for human beings to exploit based on economic calculations of the left-brain hemisphere. Although the intuition of the right-brain hemisphere in the galactic Underworld may indeed lead to technological advances, the overall emphasis of human endeavor is now about to shift. Despite humankinds immense technological advances up until now, the advances it has made in attaining an inner state of happiness have been very small, and this will become increasingly evident. The main purpose of the current Underworld is to remedy this imbalance, this state of koyaanisqatasi.

The frame of consciousness that is now emerging will simply not allow us to deny the existence of a living cosmos. If we do there will be a backlash of some kind. This is the reason for the urgency of delivering the message of the mayan Calendar. Because of the nature of this Underworlds yin/yang polarity, its days will bring forth intuitive, rather than analytical, expressions of the human mind, and may often seem to appear out of the blue. Nonetheless we will see a return to the enchanted cosmos, and we will, thorough our increasingly more open senses, become sensitive to its true spiritual energy. Because of their different locations in relation to the world Tree, however, different parts of the world are likely to be affected differently by the galactic Underworld. Thus, we may expect, at least initially, that in the western Hemisphere the galactic Underworld will generate a fascination with the new technology and the new economy, while the focus in the east—India, china, and Russia (the leading edge will gradually move north)—will be directed. As the galactic Underworld progresses, the effects of the energy shifts between different tuns (360 day periods)—days and Nights in the creation sense—will be increasingly more marked. Predictions for the seventh day of the galactic Underworld.

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We are only three months into this current Sixth day and the for economic decline is dramatically writing accelerating at a pace that shocks most people. This decline has consequences that go beyond the economic realm, and particularly for Europe. Calleman predicted that the Armageddon drama would take place in Central Europe during the fifth Night of this Underworld. Although this didnt happen despite the escalating Muslim violence since the 2005 rioting in Paris that has spread to other European nations, there is the likelihood of escalating major Christian-Muslim conflict—a modern Crusades scenario—now that the european economy is showing significant signs of collapse. Because the muslim population is increasing at a much more rapid rate than the european population, coupled with the severe economic downturn, the possibility of explosive religious/ethnic conflict looms. If the Crusades that began in the middle of day six of the national Underworld have predictive value for events in the current Sixth day, its possible that by the sumer of 2009 major conflict could ensue, with the likelihood of international repercussions. Occurring in parallel with all of the catalytic difficulties we are facing, and likely will face, are very positive evolutionary movements that lead to transcendence of materialism, disconnectedness, and all of the egoic manifestations that have wreaked pain, war, and inequity for millennia. These positive movements are also transpiring at a highly accelerated pace.

the fifth wave book summary

By the seventh day of this Underworld, that is only 260 days long, we arrive at the promise of the mayan Calendar: adual cosmic consciousness, self-realization, and co-creation with the divine. It seems unimaginable that we can arrive at this point in less than three years. Its essential to remember that time radically speeds up twenty-fold with the entrance into each new Underworld. Thus, the pace of events in the national Underworld was based on thirteen heavens, each approximately 400 years long. In the Planetary Underworld the pace of events was based on approximately 20-year long heavens, and in the galactic Underworld the pace speeded up to 360 days, and, finally, 20 days in the Universal Underworld. If you look back at the last Newsletter that predicted events for the sixth day of the dualistic Galactic Underworld based on the sixth day of the dualistic National Underworld, the marked increase of the pace of events becomes clear. The economic collapse that began during the fifth Nights into the sixth days of both Underworlds is happening at a greatly accelerated rate whorf in the galactic Underworld.

personal computers, international satellite communication and international trade. Also during the seventh day of the Planetary Underworld the seeds of the dualistic Galactic Underworld were sown, with the evolutionary aims of transcending the material frame of life and consciousness, and also the balancing of the dualities established during the national Underworld—between East and. Thus, we must neutralize the imbalance that was established during over 5,000 years of the national Underworld—the dominance of the west, left-brain hemisphere, materialism, and male domination— in less than 5,000 days in the galactic Underworld. Its no wonder that this is a time of great stress and conflict. The old order resists and fights the evolutionary thrust of the divine, yet its efforts will be futile. Thus, during day seven of the galactic Underworld were likely to see very significant signs of balance between East and West, as well as a more balanced consciousness. The balancing of the left- and right-hemispheres of the brain will also lead to gender equality and, also, the rise of spiritual awareness that will transcend duality, as well as the opening of psychic capabilities such as telepathy that will come to supplant materialistic technology. The final or Universal Underworld begins during day seven of the galactic Underworld, the evolutionary aim of which is the manifestation of cosmic consciousness. The transcendence of ego separateness, time, hierarchy and all these represent occurs.

In order to illustrate this lets look at the evolution of life and consciousness during the course of the national Underworld, whats known as the historical period, from 3115 bce to the present, which culminates in 2011 in what the maya called the end. This doesnt imply the end of the world as doomsayers and many religious fundamentalists maintain, but rather the end of 5,000 years of egoic domination: materialism, separatism, and hierarchy, along with the progressive disconnectedness these have produced. According to calleman, the purpose of the national Underworld was the evolution of civilized consciousness. It began with the unification of Upper and Lower Egypt and culminated in the organized nations of today. This was a dualistic Underworld in which the light favored the left-brain hemisphere, the masculine mode of consciousness, and the west. It gave rise to written language, major constructions, patriarchal religions, science and fine art. It began during the seventh day of the prior Regional Underworld wherein the fundamental tone of the national Underworld was established—male domination and war. This was when the goddess/nature-based essay cultures of the regional Underworld came under the domination of the male gods of war. During day seven of the national Underworld the unitary Planetary Underworld began, with the primary purpose of evolving global consciousness.

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7th day, the collapsing Tower Newsletter 08, february 17th, 2009. Newsletter 8 Robert Lorenz,. Co-creation of Human Inter-connectedness and Planetary healing: wood The birth of Post-ego civilization, the seventh day of the galactic Underworld begins on november 3, 2010 and ends October 28, 2011. Its during this last 360 day heaven of this Underworld that the final, or Universal Underworld begins on October 9, 2010 and ends, as do all Nine Underworlds, on October 28, 2011. Whats important to understand is that the seventh day of each Underworld represents the fruition of that particular Underworld, and also introduces the theme of the next one. Each of the nine Underworlds is a step in the evolutionary progression to the attainment of cosmic consciousness in the Universal. Each step begins with the sowing of the seed-idea of each Underworld in day 1 and evolves during the course of the thirteen days and Nights of the particular Underworld, culminating in the fruition of the seed-idea in the seventh day. The seed idea of the next Underworld is then introduced toward the end of the prior one.

the fifth wave book summary
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Supplement to the fourth, fifth, and sixth editions : The six-volume, supplement to the fourth, fifth, and sixth editions appeared in half-volumes from 1815 to 1824, edited by macvey napier (17761847 who later became editor of the Edinburgh review and professor of conveyancing at the. Webmaster Note: The complete text.

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