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Building and maintaining template files for the magazine. Associate Art Director, Scrapbook answers magazine october 2005 to October 2006. Create an organizational system for assets and files for this launch title. Collaborate with photographers and retouche up to 300 images per issue. Manage art interns and freelancers, art Director, future Plus Custom Publishing june 2004 to October 2005. Work closely with sales staff to develop pitch materials and tools.

Photograph and retouch products, events, and portraits for clients. Create web site—design and code—for clients based on the wordPress engine. Shoot, edit, and produce video packages. Art Director and Social Media manager, Alpi International December 2014 to Present. Photograph and retouch products for catalog and website. Design yearly catalog and all advertising assets. Create and organize social media outreach. Create 3D illustrations of custom ordered products for clients. Associate Art Director, Pregnancy magazine october 20Retouching of model images, research and color-correction of stock art. Layout and pre-press of magazine pages.

vault resume

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Interests are great conversation starters in an interview. . so often students will tell me they made a connection with their interviewer by talking about a mutual interest. . In short, your resume should provide a picture of a student who is well rounded. . A word about gpa: the standard rule of thumb is to put it on your resume if it is greater than.0. Deborah Federico is an Assistant Director of Undergraduate career Services in the School of Management at Boston University. Prior to her career in higher education, deborah worked in the corporate world, primarily doing marketing and market research. She blogs about career advice here and her LinkedIn profile is here. Art Director and Photographer, katrin Auch Design and Photography october 2006 to Present. Create both advertising and editorial projects for clients such as Activision, Treyach, circuit City, microsoft, dell, Christa meola Photography, michys foods, future, nintendo power magazine, macLife, maxiumpc and, playStation: The Official Magazine, develop templates, file structures, and organization methods for clients.

vault resume

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Most students think that they have to list their bullet points based on what they did the most. If 75 of their job involved cold-calling prospective clients, they will want to list that first. . However, if they worked on a project that was presented to the ceo of the company, then by all means, that should come first! Categorize your Experience plan section: Because work experience needs to be presented in reverse chronological order, many students are faced with the problem of having to put their current job first, which is often a part-time job unrelated to what they want to do, while they. Simply break your experience section in two: Relevant Experience and Other Experience. Target your resume: Many students will have a master resume from which they create more specific, targeted resumes for the different industries they want to work. . If a student is simultaneously pursuing internships in marketing and finance, he will have a marketing resume that has his marketing-related team projects, which uses lost of marketing keywords, while his finance resume will do just the opposite. Tip: look at the job description for key words to incorporate into your resume. What to include on your resume: In addition to your education, include work experience, both relevant and not, volunteer experience, college leadership roles, team projects, skills and interests. .

If you were a server in a restaurant, did your persuasive upselling techniques result in increased profits for the restaurant? . to make your statements even more powerful, start with the accomplishment,. G., Achieved highest monthly sales out of 10 salespeople. State the purpose of what you did :  Whenever I show students how to do this, their statements always end up being so much stronger.  Think about what the purpose was of what you did, and put that at the end of your point. . Sometimes students think that what they did was insignificant, but by adding the purpose to the statement, it makes them realize that it wasnt. . Which is better: Researched demographic variables and environment factors in the childrens toy market? Or Researched demographic variables and environment factors in the childrens toy market for clients use in new product development? Prioritize your bullets :  When ordering your bullet points, always think, if the recruiter only had time to read my first or perhaps second bullet, what would I want him or her to read?

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vault resume

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Use action statements: That means starting each bullet essay point with an active verb (avoid words like assisted, helped, worked or aided). Use verbs that are relevant to your industry,. Design or create for the fashion industry or calculate or audit for the accounting field. Avoid laundry lists: Dont use phrases like responsibilities or duties included, then proceed to list everything you did at a particular job in one long bullet point. . First of all, this is boring to read and, secondly, youre shortchanging yourself. . When I work with students on dissecting these long statements, we very often break them into two or three active statements, highlighting accomplishments, results and purpose.

Numbers always make a point stronger. . For example, instead of saying something like, service customers by answering questions, selecting appropriate merchandise and processing sales on register in order to meet sales goals, try, service 50 customers per shift by answering questions, selecting appropriate merchandise and processing sales on register in order. Highlight accomplishments and results: In the example above, the accomplishment is that this student consistently met the sales goal of 500. . When writing your bullet points, think about what you accomplished or achieved. . If you were a tutor, did you help students improve their test scores? .

Put your energies into the content. Contact information: make sure your email address is professional. . Sticking with your name is the best bet. . Again, this is not the place to be creative by using addresses like surferdude87 or hotchick143. Put both your permanent address and school address on your resume. .

If you have room for only one, put the address on thats closest to the job location. I worked with a student once who wasnt getting any interviews despite having a terrific resume. . She had put her home address in New Jersey down while applying for full-time positions in Boston. Use bullet points: I highly recommend using bullet points on your resume. . Stick with the standard kind of bullets. . If you decide to use paragraphs, make sure you write concise readable prose. (okay, by now youre probably thinking, how will I get my resume to stand out if its just like everyone elses? .

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Pretty soon your phone will be ringing with calls from recruiters inviting you in for wallpaper an interview. Length : keep your resume to one page. Formatting: your resume should look clean and readable with plenty of white space to make it inviting. . keep the font size consistent and use bolding or improve italicization for effect. . Stay away from cutesy fonts or graphics. . Some students will tell me that they want to get attention that way. I tell them that the only attention they get will be the negative kind. .

vault resume

As most students will answer? To them, i say, no, thats not. Eventually, someone guesses the real goal of a resume: to get an interview. I make the marketing analogy that the resume is an advertisement about you, and you need to make the most of that.5-by-11-inch sheet of paper. Sell yourself to the employer by convincing them that youre the best candidate to bring in for the interview. So, what can you do to increase the chances that your resume will be read by the recruiter? . Follow my lucky 13 tips outlined below, and you will produce a winning resume that not only gains the attention of the recruiter, but also garners for his or her admiration. .

message matters more than the envelope, but I think presentation could make all the difference between getting a job, and not even getting an interview call. I thought you might want to read the article. By deborah Federico, gone in sixty seconds. Recruiters spend less than a minute reviewing your resume. With a stack of resumes to review, recruiters naturally want to make their workload easier, tossing bad resumes right off the bat. . reasons for your resume to be quickly tossed into the no pile: Typos, misspellings, mismatched fonts, a sloppy appearance. . even a resume thats too text heavy or runs onto two pages will get thrown into the discard pile. Every time i teach my class on resume writing, i always start the lecture with the question, What is the goal of a resume? . Is it to get a job?

Any retrieved information shall not be used for any commercial purposes world or claimed as results of studying, scientific or any other creative activities of any person other than the author). I read an interesting article by joel Spolsky, from a link. Mindful Musings, about how to get your résumé read. I could not help smiling as I read. A job hunt is way far in the future for me, but looking for summer internships couldnt hurt. Spolsky says that making the message more personal would certainly help, since it makes you look more human, but I guess what you write could work against you, if the person who reads what you wrote could take a dislike for you, as a person. This really made me laugh hard. From, getting your Résumé read, ok, this one really bugs. Learn where spaces go in relation to other punctuation.

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Architect and Technical lead for an Application Programming Interface (Autobuilder/AutoPorter api) targeted at the automotive industry. Api allows access to complex automotive configuration data and aggregated vehicle inventory for use in a variety of applications (web site, data mining, desktop applications). Team size ranged to 25 developers including both full-time employees and on-site, off-site, and off-shore contractors. Technologies: J2ee, web Services, xml/xslt, oracle. 2017, univerzita karlova, ústřední knihovna, ovocný trh 3-5, 116 36 Praha; email: dspace (at za dodržení všech ustanovení autorského zákona jsou zodpovědné jednotlivé složky univerzity karlovy. Each constituent part of Charles University is responsible for adherence to all provisions of the copyright law. Upozornění / Notice: Získané informace nemohou být použity k výdělečným účelům nebo vydávány za studijní, vědeckou nebo jinou tvůrčí činnost jiné movie osoby než autora.

vault resume
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Working with Product Management to establish business requirements. Nikesenior Software EngineerMarch 20nikesenior. launch Code vault coordinate assets with pr companies and our international licensors Supervised simultaneous projects with competing.

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  2. p A minute is all it takes for a recruiter to keep or toss your resume. Here's how to get your resume ready for that 60-second scan. Buy and sell currency from the vault as necessary, ensuring that teller drawer cash limits are not exceeded.

  3. Your resume has to be clear, concise, and free of mistakes. Here are eight proofreading tips to ensure that your cv is of the highest. Writing a resume that gets results is critical in landing job interviews. And you have to know what to include as well as exclude.

  4. Vault, resume, guide Pdf we collect this best photo from internet and choose one of the best for you, you can see. Vault, resume, guide Pdf. Performed, vault, teller duties including buy/sells from tellers, cash shipments, and daily balancing. as a vault cashier you must know that this job requires skills which are obtained only through work experience in a related domain.

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