Write about a person who has inspired you

The, person, who, inspired, me the most my mother Essay

They can empathise with the character and look at how he feels. They could imagine that this happened to them and write a day in their shoes. This could be linked to the story of the pied piper and look at using music as a way to hypnotise others. More comprehension questions about this video courtesy of @kelsmif which can be downloaded here. One that will hopefully make your class empathise with certain difficulties other people face. There are probably lots of other examples of narrative music videos that could generate some exciting and interesting writing opportunities in class, if you have any suggestions please let me know and I will add them to this list. I interviewed Lora last September and it's still one of my favorites: I do all the things you used to hate.

Is she happy with all the mystery fame and wealth she has? What makes you think so? Write about her surroundings at the start, the bright lights, futuristic feel to her house and gadgets she has. What makes her unhappy? Who is the blue creature? By the end of the video how is she feeling? Write about her surrounding at the end, the beautiful scenery, nature and simplicity to life. Compare the surroundings at the start and end, which would you prefer and why? I love the idea of this video, how he makes everyone else happy apart from himself due to the music. Children can write in role as the character and write about his day.

write about a person who has inspired you

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You wake up one morning to find you have incredible strength, what do you do? How would your life change? Design you own superhero, what powers, costume, name would he have? Write a newspaper william report of the events from the video, interview the teacher, parents and policemen. I love the contrast of this video from the surroundings at the beginning to the end, also the message it portrays about material things not making you happy. Watch the first 20 seconds, what do you think the picture shows? Watch the first minute, who may this character be? What makes you think this? What clues make you think she is rich?

write about a person who has inspired you

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Watch the first minute, discuss what has happened? What has caused this? Ask the children to write a description of the first scene, use the show not tell technique to create thoughtful writing. Discuss the boys character, how is he presented in the first scene, how does this change? Write in role of the boy, use his emotions through the story to gain an understanding of his feelings and whether he comprehends what is happening. Look at the ending, who is to blame? Is the boy acting in self defense? Can he control it? If you could have a superpower what would it be?

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write about a person who has inspired you

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How does the carton's emotions change during his journey, what are his high points/low points? What do you think the carton's view on people are? What evidence can you find to support that decision? Show the children assignment the screen from 3minutes.30. Ask the children to write a atmospheric description of the setting. Look at the interactions he has with different people, what may have been said? Compare the feelings of the family at the beginning and the end, how do these differ and why?

Do you think the carton is happy at the end despite being in the trash? Why what makes you think this? Ask the children to write similes and metaphors of objects that seem bigger/scarier to the carton. Children could write another story of a journey of another inanimate object. Sia - titanium from, david Wilson on, vimeo. This is another great video telling a story. What I love about this video is the viewer is left until the end to find out what has caused all this destruction.

How does the girl feel now? Write a description of the giraffe - what does it look like? Research and write a non chronological report on giraffes. Write a set of instructions for keeping a giraffe as a pet. If you could choose any animal in the world to keep as a pet, what would it be and why? What would you do with them?

How would you need to change your house to take care of it? See examples of work using this video click here. Another example is the classic from Blur - coffee and tv (warning there is part of this video that may not be appropriate where the carton visits Big suzi from.13-2.36). Blur - coffee and tv from, andrey tukhtamanov on, vimeo. I love this video, it is emotional, interesting and really funny. The video tells the story of a milk carton trying to find a missing son to reunite him with his family. The carton encounters numerous different challenges both good and bad but nothing stops him on trying to complete his mission. Ask the children to write the journey of the milk carton in 1st person.

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What might she be doing? Pause just before a minute - how writing has the girl's feelings changed? Why do you think that is? What might she have lost? What could she do now that may help? Pause again.42 - has the girl's feelings changed even more now? Why do you think that maybe? Once the giraffe appears - are you shocked why?

write about a person who has inspired you

Meaning children can interpret the story in many different ways. Children will respond to these videos as most watch them pdf repeatedly at home (I have a 9 year old who is forever watching mtv.) you are encouraging them to look at the videos in a new way and one that will hopefully inspire them. If you use ipads this post about downloading videos to your camera roll may also help with other activitie. Here are a few examples with some suggested activities: This video was the one that originally caught my attention to this idea. It is a lovely video and isn't a bad song either. Watch the first 20 seconds - how is the girl feeling? What makes you think that?

happiest year with you and I will hold the memories of our nightly prayers, the way we held each other at night, and our tearful daily morning goodbyes in which you would cup my face in your hands, with complete. I will forever hold these memories sweetly tucked away in my heart. Sat on the couch, clicking through the endless music channels to find the One direction song that my daughter loves, i stumble across a video that had me hooked. No it wasn't 1D or the latest psy hit, it was a video that had a story, no words spoken just the visuals and the song. It got me thinking that it would be a great focus to use for some writing. I am always looking for interesting and unusual hooks to get the children inspired to write, when I started thinking to some of my favourite music videos I found that many tell a story that has a lot of potential for writing activities in the. After looking into this a little further I discovered that most music videos are one of three different types - performance, conceptual and narrative ( read more here). It is the narrative which really lends itself well to the classroom as these are music videos that tell a story with most not having a single spoken word.

The people who became my home away from home, even though our relationship will now be changed, comforted me, checked in on me, supported me, poured their love over me, and offered to be my shoulder if need. The men do not quite understand how to be there, but I love them for trying, for giving me encouraging words, making me laugh, and always treating me the way i should be treated. Who laid next to me as I cried that entire night, who has listened to me on end everyday examine every nook and cranny of the past, who has cheered me up by rearranging my room, laughing with me, and telling me how proud she. And to god, whom i know has only good planned for me and purpose behind every difficulty. I know and believe that this cracking open due to heartbreak will only leave review me open to all that is in store for me, and that by being this vulnerable i am blessed with the opportunity to let him in completely. Finally, to the person who hurt me, im learning to forgive you. My heart will always love you unconditionally and your safety will always be in my prayers.

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It has been said, If the only prayer you ever say in your whole life is thank you, that would suffice. These past three weeks have been unexpectedly difficult. Yet, driving today, feeling the sun on my skin, i could not help but thank god for all the amazing people he has placed in my life. In these past few weeks so many people have showed up and showed out for me, i cant even explain the immense gratitude that beams from. Thank you. To my friends who let me vent on the phone, hugged me while i cried in church, listened as I cried over French toast, bananas, chocolate chips, and whipped cream, who let me sit in a bar and talk japanese until I was exhausted from the. My school, my internship, my friends who allowed me and understood when I completely checked out of my life.

write about a person who has inspired you
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  1. I was inspired to begin to write about. I look up to her because not only has she worked her way to the top, she has gone above and beyond in her. The person who inspired me to write a blog. I contended that classes in C should be sealed by default - i won't put my reasoning in the question, but I might write.

  2. For awhile, much of the poetry i was writing was about a you that was one specific person who, id ended things with. It is an opportunity for a person like me who did not go school and find that Life in Africa has. However there is one person who has inspired me most. Who laid next to me as I cried that entire night, who has listened to me on end everyday examine every nook and.

  3. Its not a big surprise, since i write about heroic adventures, that I get asked which fictional heroes within the sci-fi/fantasy genre inspired. Inspired to write, when I started thinking to some of my favourite music videos I found that many tell a story that has a lot of potential for writing.are a lot of people who have inspired or motivated me so it is hard to identify. People usually write about history of the company or about the website - why it was created, when. If there are more than one person who supports the.experience that has inspired you?

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