Essay about losing a father

Metaphor, morality, and Politics

Man need not search for the meaning of life if he recognises that he is a son and mortal, that is, the son of deceased fathers. History itself will tell him that, being an account of the past, history is merely an imaginary resuscitation and, therefore, pointless until it becomes real. What is history for the unlearned? History as fact is mutual extermination, the extermination of people like ourselves, the pillage and plunder of nature (that is, the earth) through its exploitation and utilisation, leading to degeneration and dying (culture). History as fact is always mutual extermination, either overt in times of barbarism or covert in times of civilisation, when cruelty is merely more refined and even more evil. This situation raises the question: must man be the exterminator of his own species and the predator of nature, or must he be its regulator, its manager, and the restorer to life of his own kin, victims of his blind unruly youth, of his past. What should the project be? If the life of the human race is unconscious, what should it be if it were conscious?

The philosophy of history has itself a long history, although it has not yet found the meaning of life and online has even despaired of finding. Indeed, history cannot make sense as narrative long as humanity fails to attain true wisdom. So if there is no sense, inanities are bound to occur. Inanities may show a certain constancy or frequency, which will give them the appearance of laws and are the subject of statistical history. There will be no sense in history so long as it is an unconscious and involuntary phenomenon. History cannot be our action, the result of our activity, as long as we live in discord. Even when we are united our tribal life cannot be ruled by reason, as long as man depends on the blind forces of nature and fails to make it into a tool of his collective reason and single collective will. The search for meaning is the search for a goal, a cause, a common task. Those who do not accept this must either assume an external, transcendental existence (the religious philosophy of history) or become zoomorphists (the secular philosophy of history whether they admit the evolution of species (progress) or reject. The former are partisans of transformism, evolution or development, the latter of the doctrine of cultural-historical types or castes. Only a goal gives meaning to human life.

essay about losing a father

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The fall of byzantium, which triggered the renaissance in Western Europe, is seen as a return to paganism, which was further promoted by the French revolution and the ensuing rise of Communism, and the general loss of the sense of kinship. What is history for the learned, is prayerful remembrance for the uneducated. History as resuscitation embraces the learned as well as 'the lower classes and even savages who write history as remembrance on their own skin (tattooing). History as a purely objective account or tale amounts to recalling the deceased out of idle curiosity, while history as propaganda that essay is to say, when the dead are called up as witnesses in favour of some particular idea, political or economic (for example,. One should not take the name of God in vain, nor should one use that of the dead in vain, either. Therefore, history as propaganda should be rejected as an infringement of that commandment; it is not history itself that should be rejected, but vanity. Lastly, there is history as a search for a sense, a meaning, to life. This is another philosophy of history that is open to vilification or subjectivism.

essay about losing a father

A son speaks out by moses Farrow

In order to avoid any arbitrariness in defining history or siding with any party (learned or unlearned that is to say, popular) and, above all, in order not to fraudulently appropriate the right to set limits to the scope of human work, it must. So in order to judge it is necessary to resuscitate, even if not literally, those who have died, that is, those who have already suffered the supreme penalty capital punishment. For thoughtful people history is merely a verbal resuscitation, a metaphor; for those endowed with imagination, it is artistic resuscitation; for those in whom feeling is stronger than thought, history will be sorrowful remembrance, lamentation or a representation mistaken for reality that is, self-deception. 1.Only excerpts arc given from Part iii, since fedorov's views on historical events are obsolete, biased and of little interest to modern readers, apart from his definition of history as a chronicle of mutual extermination and the despoliation by humans of their natural environment. Fcdorov attributes much importance to the struggle between Asia and Europe, from the Graeco-persian wars right up until his own day with the domination by western maritime powers of India and south-East Asia and also, in some ways, of China; and to the west's hostility. He stresses the role of Constantinople 'tsargrad' for the russians as a link between the continents and therefore as a centre for human reunification. The failure of byzantium to achieve the mission of universal unification through the spread of Christianity is attributed to its losing the pristine purity of the Christian faith. This leads him to criticise catholicism for its authoritarianism. Protestantism for individualism and dissension, and even Orthodoxy for replacing action by symholism.

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essay about losing a father

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(you must refute the central argument of the book—not peripheral issues.) The best response will problems be published on this website, and its author will receive 1000. If any essay actually persuades me, however, its author will receive 10,000, and I will publicly recant my view. What a display of vanity. Hes so clever and so right that hell give you ten thousand dollars if you can persuade him hes not right. He might as well have made it a billion. I sent Patricia churchland a facebook dm suggesting she collect an easy ten grand.

I dont suppose shell bother, though. Update : its now 2000 for the best response and 20,000 for the potential persuader, because a generous reader (aka besotted fan) matched his prize. Part iii 1, what is history? What is history for the uneducated? History as a project for resuscitation, which is a demand of human nature and of life.

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Sam Harris has issued a challenge. Shades of the randi challenge, right? Only harriss is rather different. It has been nearly three years since. The moral Landscape was first published in English, and in that time it has been attacked by readers and nonreaders alike. Many seem to have judged from the resulting cacophony that the books central thesis was easily refuted. However, i have yet to encounter a substantial criticism that I feel was not adequately answered in the book itself (and in subsequent talks ). So i would like to issue a public challenge. Anyone who believes that my case for a scientific understanding of morality is mistaken is invited to prove it in 1,000 words or less.

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essay about losing a father

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essay about losing a father
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