Essay on oneness of god religion and mankind

What is African Traditional, religion?

There isn't one human speaking that can't say the same. Fear drives these people more than their so-called faith. If this bible never mentioned hell, do you think they would follow it? If you don't believe in fear, then you don't need a "higher power." I don't care where i came from, i'm not looking for brochures as to where i'm headed either, i like astrology and believe we reincarnate, but have no spiritual basis for either. Science based views that could change if I feel so inclined. Now I'm just flappin' the gums, so i shall conclude with a movie recommendation if you haven't already viewed. "The ruling Class" starring Peter o'toole, an earl that thinks he's Jesus in 1970.

From: rc date: Thu, 19:39:38 edt subject: your Own God To: Acharya s your search for the truth will eventually be completed. From: kt to: Acharya s subject: beautiful Acharya date: Fri, 02:11:39 -0500 These bozo xtians, and the "scientists" with their firm portrait of a non-existent being. The ugliness really stands out when you shine a light on it, doesn't it? From: ns date: Fri, 19:28:36 edt subject: lurv your site to: Acharya s i'm an email friend of whom I believe introduced me to your site. At the time i was living in nyc and I had to go store to store to find your book, as it was sold out everywhere (Christ Conspiracy). I just wanted to compliment you, as I have essay seen so many nasty emails to you, i figured there needed to be some more balance in what you were receiving. What I wish some of these religious people would understand is that to have a properly informed opinion one must investigate both sides of an argument with an open mind. Don't just swing that brain open for one session. They only read about atheists or different religions from literature that is written by someone of their own beliefs. And just how the argument for geezus existing is because "sooo many things have happened in my life when I was at the bottom puhleeeeeze.

essay on oneness of god religion and mankind

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Gimbutas and historian. Stone - ancient Middle east was where the populace achieved a high standard of living, and agriculture and balance under women caretakers - now this same geographical area is under Islam - and 200M (two hundred million) women exist. And the greatest irony of all, that Islamic women insist on this religion (I have asked them here in at a public library - there was a young, pretty, fair-skinned woman with a white head-cover, kneeling on the floor facing East and even struggle. Please continue with your articles. Blessed be, allat (protesting the name "allah actually, i do address. Islam to an extent. From: st, to: Acharya s, subject: Kudos Letter, paper date: Thu, 10:07:52. I've found here many things after my own heart.

essay on oneness of god religion and mankind

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Not studying religions to become a twist minister at all! I just try to study religions in a sociological way cross-culturally and I do so only in an investigative way because i always like to learn more. From: al, date: tue, 09:18:00 edt. To: Acharya s, dear Miss Acharya: As an independent, maverick and heretic (and I love it! and averse to all things religious, i love your articles. However, i notice you've concentrated on Christianity - what about Islam. That "thing" that is the largest growing religion in the world, and makes of us women 2nd-class citizens. I must add: the irony is that according to the archeologist.

I especially loved the section titled "E-mails I have loved" about the rants back and forth between you and those who believe in some kind of Infinite (God). I especially found it amusing when you said that people should be angry at their God cause this is a pretty messed-up place, to which the response is, "Well, that is cause god gives us free will and allows stuff to happen." I found this. Because the response of man having free will is good for one argument in the screwed up world we live in, but when confronted by some believer in an Infinite being to have to believe or face a punishment, our "free will" is forfeited, negated. Anyway, i love the page, and I have book marked it so that I can return to it later. Please reply back if you can cause i would love to exchange ideas with you. I am Religious Studies major and a philosophy minor. by the way, if you e-mail me back don't worry about my trying to convert you to a religion because i'm doing the major for purely academic reasons.

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essay on oneness of god religion and mankind

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I definitely see christianity as detrimental to the world as a whole, so the answer to that would be yes. Date: Mon, 11:52:56 -0400. From: leasing mr, to: Acharya s, subject: no god needed Here, thanks to researchers like you and others I'm out of the religion trap, still searching for what a friend of mine calls "ultimate reality". Thanks for your contribution to my real education. To: Acharya s, subject: hi, date: Mon, 16:02:11 -0000. Your website is very good.

Haha i wish there were more like. All the awakened people need to stop simply writing and unite to create a more unified voice. Date: tue, 00:55:21 -0500. From: pe, to: Acharya s, subject: I love your page! Hello, i came to your webpage by a recommendation from my brother after he had visited the page just weeks prior. I must say that I was very impressed with your credentials and your extensive background research on a varying array of topics.

Most people are really unaware of the passages telling women who are raped to marry their rapists, children who are rebellious to be stoned. So they come up with their own concepts about God even though some of their theories are probably heretical. I guess most people can't imagine creating a religion without having a 2000-year-old book to back. Well i know its stupid for me to write such long letters to people who probably get truckloads of email, but i've been reading your website for so long and a lot has built up on my mind. And I'm always on the lookout for intellectual companions. People who i can talk to, i tried joining your mail list but it kept flooding my hotmail account and i ended up only reading a few things.

Blessed be (may happiness come your way). Regarding "cults you are referring to my essay, ". What is a cult? " What you are citing is a"tion, not something I personally said. I was using it to make the point that mainstream religionists, in this case Christians, define a "cult" as everything that isn't their own braindead religion. Do i think "all" Christianity is detrimental to all people?

Fatherhood of God, brotherhood of Man - ephesians 5:11

You included "witchcraft" and Satanism as one the definitions of cult however. And that's probably true if you look up the original definition, but not "Focus on the family's" definition of "cult" And we have no connected to satan or devil-worship nor do we believe in him. Sacrifice animals, blast crops, boil babies, etc. There's still evidence that Celtic witchcraft goes back to a time when Goddess-worship was still around. Since it was a folk religion it dissipated when Druidism came around and some of those traditions blended with Christianity and ceremonial magick leaving only less than fragmentary save rituals for Gardner to get anything out. do you think all Christianity is detrimental to most people? Some people prefer the discipline and viewing God as a stern-father figure. Others ignore the discipline and just focus on the loving aspects of Jesus.

essay on oneness of god religion and mankind

So many people insist that "God" tell them things. Like rock musicoriginated from literature devil worship (which is probably their title for African shaman village ceremonies.). Do you know about neopaganism? You seem to say a lot of things that we consider our theology. Or "thealogy" if you will. A lot of modern neopagans focus on the Great Mother aspect of the Great Spirit since its been denied by mainstream religions for so long. Personally, i think the Intelligent Male Aspect is under attack too, so i venerate both God and Goddess as aspects of the One or "Tao" as you call.

"Is God all in our heads? The Globe and mail, august 25, 2001, related Words: brain fingerprinting entheogen faitheist mission from God neurotheology soul proprietor, categories: Religion. Biology, psychology, new words. From:jd, to: Acharya s, subject: mouth-dropping Webpage, date: Sun, 01:26:29 -0000. It's awesome to meet a fellow philosopher. I am 16 years old but I don't take half the guff from my pseudo-religious parents as dogma, unlike my possessed ex-friends. Moreover, i get sick of their "box-god" which is seemingly a small enough description where only a few people can live up to holding that box. Newsbreak - we're inside the box. And it has no walls to it, and its always open.

One scientist has even built a kind of ". God helmet " — a headset that can induce the feeling of an unseen presence by bathing the temples in electromagnetic fields. — anjana Ahuja, "God on the brain. The times of London, april 17, 2003, earliest Citation: God lives somewhere in the temporal and parietal lobes of the brain, along with aliens, angels and dead relatives. To find them at home, put on Michael Persinger's. God helmet and ring their doorbells with a magnetic buzz. Persinger, head of the neuroscience research Group at Sudbury's laurentian University, is one of a growing number of scientists around the world exploring what physically occurs in the brain during a religious or mystic experience and how to imitate the stimuli that cause those experiences. He uses a modified motorcycle helmet or a head-circlet device nicknamed the Octopus that contain solenoids — coils of wire world — which create a weak but complex magnetic field over the brain's right-hemisphere parietal and temporal lobes.

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A headpiece that simulates a religious or spiritual experience by stimulating certain areas of a person's brain using electromagnetic waves. Example citations: The two nuns experienced intense bursts of alpha waves in the brains, common in a reflective and relaxed state such as meditation. They also had intense activity in the left occipital region at the back of the brain — which is not what the scientists were expecting in the wake of research by michael Persinger, a controversial researcher at laurentian University in Sudbury who has developed the. He uses the device to stimulate the right side of the brain, including the parietal lobe, with low-level electromagnetic radiation. In 80 per cent of subjects, this induces the sensation that there is a presence in the room. Many weep and say writing they feel God nearby. — anne McIlroy, "Hard-Wired for God. The Globe and mail, december 6, 2003, the findings suggest that our attitudes to religion are underpinned by biology -that some brains are physically built to be more receptive to divine thought, and that this explains why religion induces apathy in some and fervour.

essay on oneness of god religion and mankind
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  5. He also talked about how artists painted the natural world, they did not do this for religion.loved him. That would make you feel compassion communion a sense of oneness. Escuchar los archivos de audio de ewtn. Búsqueda de programas y episodios.

  6. what you are citing is a"tion, not something I personally said. Persinger reports that at least 80 per cent of his subjects experience a presence beside them in the room, a sentient intelligent being, or — if they are inclined to atheism — a oneness with the universe. I work here (.) affirmative grandeur essay opening paragraph subscriber rabbit we are not against Geneva 2, but not under theseconditions. This Magical Theater Proposal Will make you cry.

  7. There is one more problem: Nicholas tries to combine the absolute oneness of, god with a trinitarian conception. (We shall later see whether he succeeds without self-contradiction. Regarding cults, you are referring to my essay, what is a cult?

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