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Some credits to my daddy plz m - they wrote a kewl manual on writing faq's, and i used that manual for this guide; no foul language, 74 characters-a-line, detailed, copyright-information etc. Just check m and search for the manual. And they also placed this guide on m you - for reading my guide (well. At least this far dex - placing this guide on m m - placing this guide on m m - placing my guide on m Elizabeth uk - information on some of the animals. Thank you very much Elizabeth! d mike riley - told me the animals can die in the final version Bert Jamin - placing my guide on m m - placing my guide on m soepKip - this friend of me found the "animal walks on water"-bug. See details about this bug in chapter.6, he also told me the old toc was way to big (and i agreed) t - placing my guide on t Rhiannon Brooks - told me more about the 'animal is stuck'-bug Alvin - giving some information.

Comments, suggestions, proposed amendments and resume information should be directed to GrAwL. Please include your name and an active e-mail address in the correspondence, with "zoo tycoon Ultimate guide" in the subject line. If you would like to request permission to post this faq/Walkthrough on your website, please send in a formal request. Include the url of your website, your name and contact information in your request. We will process your request and reply as soon as possible.5 History.1.0 11/11/01 (27 KB) The first. V.2.0 11/12/01 (60 KB) New layout, paragraph.10, chapter 5, paragraph.11, eof", more details in the scenario chapter.2.1 11/15/01 (91 KB) Added 3 cheats, added sources in chapter 3, toc changed a little (more spaces another eof", more details in chapter 2, added. Hex-editing the saves * More details in chapter 6 * More details in chapter 7 * Final version :D * Anything you want, just e-mail.7 Credits Gerder - without this friend, i wouldn't know about zoo tycoon. Well; not before someone else wrote a guide for it thanks to him, i'm the first one to write a guide for this game (both on Gamefaqs and on neoseeker). (o btw gerder, i scored 90 on your test :D) he also told me about the more money 3-cheat and about the research-bug. My daddy - because my parents don't like it when I buy illegal cd's, i had to download that 140. My daddy told me i could download it,.

horse groom resume

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Microsoft is the sole owner of zoo tycoon, and possesses all rights and privileges of ownership. GrAwL, being the sole owner of this faq/Walkthrough is not affiliated to microsoft and should not be inferred as such. As sole owner of this faq/Walkthrough, GrAwL reserves the right to change, amend or otherwise revoke the content of this document without prior notice. This faq/Walkthrough may only be posted at Gamefaqs at m, neoseeker at m and the Ultimate guide-site unless parties obtain express written permission from GrAwL. See paragraph.13 for more wallpaper information. In the event of unauthorised dissemination and/or distribution of this document for personal gain or profit, GrAwL reserves the rights of sole ownership to sue for plagiarism and intellectual theft under international copyright laws. Non-compliance may result in civil litigation and court action. Should a third party not endorsed or recognised by GrAwL alter, edit or otherwise amend the content of this document, or in the event of a direct violation of copyright laws, GrAwL reserves the right to sue for compound damages resulting from third party action.

horse groom resume

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So here's my guide for zoo tycoon. I hope you like it and otherwise you should burn in hell btw: I wrote this guide for the beta-version of zoo tycoon, which is plan version.2 About zoo tycoon you can't tell me you did never hear of a tycoon-game; railroad Tycoon, rollercoaster Tycoon. So here's zoo tycoon. I don't really think i have to explain it; just build a zoo and be happy. There's nothing more to say you can download the demo of zoo tycoon on the site of Microsoft (the url is zootycoon. Exe).3 System Requirements Recommended: pentium 233 or higher processor microsoft Windows 95, windows 95 osr2, windows 98, windows 98 Second Edition, windows me, windows 2000, or Windows xp 32 Megabytes (MB) of ram recommended (128 mb recommended for Windows XP).5 mb of available hard. This is a private work in progress not endorsed by microsoft or its parent company, and in no way should it be inferred that this faq/Walkthrough is officially sanctioned by microsoft in any way.

I mean, i was the first one to release a crack for skateboard Park tycoon, so why not being the first to write a guide for zoo tycoon? Zoo tycoon wasn't official released, so i had to download it with kaazaa. I didn't have cable (and I still don't i have a 128.8 kb-modem the download was about 140. I began the download on 14:00 pm, and it was finished around 22:30 pm :d so it took me 8,5 hours to download it! Not that I didn't like. I had enough time to do things I normally didn't. I logged in on irc (the last time was about 3 months ago i tried to pick up a girl from my class i searched some neat shit, i looked for a guide for zoo tycoon etc.

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horse groom resume

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Anyway, have phun with this new version and stay tuned for the final version! " / o/ U 1 Introduction stuff.1 Introduction On a beautiful Saturday, i was at a friend of me (Gerder) and he told me he played a demo of zoo tycoon and that the game rocked! He also liked skateboard Park tycoon, but I didn't really like it (Rollercoaster Tycoon was much more fun). So he asked me if I did want to see the demo. I don't want to see it" I told him. So he said to me "Well; anyway, i'm going to download it with kaazaa". "Suit yourself" was my reply.

So when he finished downloading the game (it took him 30 minutes he told me he did want to check it out. So he began to play and I thought "Wow! This game is great. I want to have it and write a guide for it" :d i searched the Internet (well; I looked on m about and on m but I didn't find any guide for zoo tycoon :d so what does that mean for me? That I write one!

On 31th of January i'll get cable, so stay tuned. I'll answer mail the same day :D). What are you waiting for? one last thing: I'm searching someone who can draw some nice ascii-art, for other guide i'll write. I'm thinking of writing a guide for other games (sssss!

It's a secret :p and ofcourse, i can't place the ascii-art found in this guide. Animals just aren't the same as ships and vampires btw: I reached the 300 kb-limit :d finally! Thanks to this line well. next version will be around 325kb i think. A fine size for a finished version I guess. I'll try to make my next guide a little smaller. This is too big : I'll create in-depth guides with the help of this guide.

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Do you miss something? Did i add way too much? This is my first serious guide (one that is bigger than writing 50 kb :p paperless but I want your opinion about. As for as this moment you're reading this, people liked my guide (or "love it but maybe you think something like "Wo! This guide is even worse than the back of my ass!". Let me know (Although I like it more to read mail from people who like/love my guide)! I love to receive mail about my guide and will try to answer it within 2 days (which is not always possible, because i don't have cable.

horse groom resume

is finished though. Chapter 16 will be finished next version (chapter 15 too!). Even better: I think the next version is the final version :D:D:d because it's a new year (2002 if you didn't know :p i'm going to do thing better; I'm going to find a girlfriend (again) and I'm going to update my guides quicker, better. I'll try ) When this guide is finished and it reached version F (Final i'll move some chapters. Chapter 14 should be last (just check it out to see why but I don't know if I'm going to add any chapters, so i can't place it as last chapter. F (which means I won't change anything in this guide anymore i'll move chapter 14 to a better (best) place. S Please mail me and tell what you think of this guide.

_ / - / / (. ' / - / / / : : - / / / / '- / /. Uuuu game: zoo tycoon System: pc developer: Blue fang Publisher: Microsoft Genre: Sim Discs: 1 Type: Ultimate guide version:.7 English Author: GrAwL (Arjen voogt) E-mail: site: william t Game-site: m/games/zootycoon Last update: 01/27/ Table of Contents you'll find symbols next to some paragraphs and chapters. The symbols mean the following: * new updated x ne(X)t version(s) o (O)nly this version(s) o0 Note.1 Note 1 Introduction stuff.1 Introduction.2 About zoo tycoon *1.3 System Requirements.4 Copyright.5 History.6 Next version.7 Credits.8 sources.9 How. 3.5 double donations.6 Get more money.7 Get more money.8 Get more money.9 ctrl. 3.11 Santa Claus *3.12 Witch 4 Bugs and glitches.1 Animal is stuck.2 Animal is escaped.3 Animal can't die.4 Blinking cursor.5 guests won't eat.6 Animal walks on water *4.7 Research conservation away *4.8 guest sits behind bench 5 Manual.1. That's because i removed the sub-paragraphs. SoepKip told me the toc was way to big (and the size of my guide also.

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Zoo tycoon Walkthrough, hints and Tips for pc games. Browse by pc games Title: a, b c, d e, f g, h i, j k,. N o, p q, r s, t u, v w, x y z 0 - 9 The encyclopedia of game cheats. A die hard gamer would get pissed if they saw someone using cheats and walkthroughs in games, but you have to agree, sometimes little hint or the "God Mode" becomes necessary to beat a particularly hard part of the game. If you are an avid gamer and want a few extra weapons and tools the survive the game, cheatbook dataBase is exactly the resource you would want. Find even secrets essay on our page. / /./ / /./ / /./ / / _ /./ / /. / / /. (c) GrAwl forbidden Underworld.

horse groom resume
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