In the name of love essay

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The bible believes that love is the one reliable thing in life. A person is to forsake all other things in the name of love. First Corinthians 13:8 states, All the special gifts and powers from God will someday come to an end, but love goes on forever. Peck disagrees with this type of lifestyle. This leads back to the fairy-tale mentality that if love is there, then everything else will fall into place. This Myth of Romantic love is often what lead people to heartache and despair later on in life.

A passive dependent marriage can never be considered genuine love or even healthy, but to a passive dependent, it is considered healthy and secure. Dependency can be blamed on the role, or rather absence of, the parent. This brings about years of searching for happiness and full-fillment(page 105). Although Peck makes valid points that love is not the only thing to live for, first Corinthians disagrees. The bible verse says, If I had the gift of prophecy and knew all about what is going to happen in the future, knew everything about everything, but didnt love others, what good would it do?(First Corinthians 13:2-4) The verses go on from there each. Peck, however, has a less romantic view on how important love really is in life. Peck believes love is important but too much love can lead to dependency. Peck is actually the opposite vista of what the bible is stating. He believes that a person should first love himself or herself before they can love anyone else. Dependent people are not ready for the grown up aspects of love: the hurt, the suffering, or the unhappiness. The only true end of love is spiritual growth maiden or human evolution(page 106).

in the name of love essay

In the name of love

Peck compares dependency to the feeling that all humans have to be babied. Peck believes: All of us have the desire to be babied, to be nurtured without effort on our hazlitt parts(page 99). Dependency can even be linked to the most common disorder called passive dependent personality disorder. This disorder is common in people always searching for love. These types of people never feel quite whole and dont tolerate loneliness well. When they finally do fall in love, they become so dependent upon that other person that they cannot even imagine living without them. A woman will even unlearn driving in order to become more dependent upon her husband as a means of transportation.

in the name of love essay

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He blames our mentality of this fairy tale love on society. In this section Peck also discusses the myth that there is one man for every one woman and vice versa. When a couple falls out of love, then it is clear that a dreadful mistake was made, we misread the stars, we did not hook up with our one and only perfect match, what we thought was love was not real or true love, and. Peck believes that couples that live by this type of mentality prize togetherness and see it as a sign of a healthy marriage but in actuality it is not. Mythical love, as Peck calls it, may be a trick in order for the continuation of the human race. This type of love is often known as dependent. Dependency, peck believes, is what people mistake for love. Examples of dependency are when a person: says, i cant live without this person because i love them so much, or, when a person contemplates suicide because of the loss of a love. Peck defines dependency as, the inability to experience wholeness or to function adequately without the certainty that one is being actively cared for by another(page 98).

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in the name of love essay

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Love in The road Less Traveled. Essay, research Paper, love in The road, less Traveled. Scott Pecks view of love in The road Less Traveled is a punishment correction to what he thought everyone else thought love was. This paper will be an explanation of Pecks beliefs about love, a contrasting view on love, and my personal knowledge of Pecks beliefs. Peck had a very pessimistic and, at times, a contradicting view of what is believed to be love and introduced that in his section on the definition of love. Peck (1978) believed love is too large, too deep ever to be truly understood or measured or limited within the framework of words(page 81). Later on in that same page peck offers a definition of love as being The will to extend ones self for the purpose of nurturing ones own or anothers personal growth(page 81).

He also breaks down his definition into five comments: First The definition has a goal or a purpose, second. The definition given is a circular process, Third The definition includes self-love as love for the other, fourth The definition implies effort, and Fifth The definition implies a will to do something rather than just a desire. Peck believes that lots of suffering can be avoided if a person would take the time out to do away with the common misconceptions of love and came to a more precise meaning of love. Pecks section called The myth of Romantic love goes deeper make into why he believes that people do not fully understand the meaning of true love. Peck says, the experience of falling in love probably must have as one of its characteristics the illusion that the experience will last forever(page 91).

The redcrosse Knight represents the individual Christian, on the search for Holiness, who is armed with faith in Christ, the shield with the bloody cross. He is traveling with Una, whose name means truth. For a christian to be holy, he must have true faith, and so the plot of the book mostly concerns the attempts of evildoers to separate the Knight from Una. For of devotion he had little care, still drownd in sleepe, and most of his dayes ded; Scarse could he once uphold his heavie hed, to looken, whether it were night or day: may seeme the wayne was very evill led, When such an one. These difficulties faced by the redcrosse Knight in staying with Una reflect our own difficulties in staying true to our faith.

Faithlessness, despair, pride, the seven vices, and evil are all personified in the book; yet it seems that at the most difficult and trying times, the Knight is saved. This shows the Christian individual? S need for God? S aid.?eternal God that chaunce did guide? No matter how well a christian is equipped or prepared, he is no match for sin and death without the undeserved grace of God. All of these allegories make up Spencer? S invention of love for God. He sees it as a constant struggle against temptation and evil, which in the end creates a closer relationship with faith and with God. Bibliography, edmund Spencers faerie queen.

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Now now Sir knight, shew what ye bee, add faith unto your force, and wallpaper be not faint: Strangle her, else she sure will strangle thee? The knight is eager to prove himself to the lady and save himself from shame; he is not about to show weakness and defeat to a lady cheering him on: That when he heard, in great perplexitie, his gall did grate for griefe and high. Spencer has conjured up this idea of chivalric service, yet he fails to keep selfishness and narcissism from getting in the way. Through this, the childlike need of the male to have a woman come back in his life and guide him is apparent. Thus, the redcrosse Knight invents tree love around his submission to the needful lady. Let fall her eyen, as shamefast to the earth, And yeelding soft, in that she nought gain-said, so forth they rode, he feining seemly merth, And she coy lookes: so dainty they say maketh derth. Having done this, the Knight has in essence obeyed his own erotic desires and therefore sinned by making himself vulnerable to deception. This is where we can tie in Christian love. Aside from the obvious allusions to Christian religion and Roman Catholic fallacies, Spencer includes his own invention of love for Christianity and faith.

in the name of love essay

The faerie queen, many of these kinds of love can be related. In addition to the romantic love that Spencer and the redcrosse Knight invent, one also must consider the love for faith and God. Throughout the book, most of the problems that Spencer and the redcrosse night with inventing love stem from the fact that they are doing it in a physical sense. S service to a lady can be looked at as nothing more than submission to her desires. There is always a hidden anxiety inside in proving oneself to be a worthy knight, driven by male ego. His lady sad to see his sore constraint, Cride out?

Longing in the heat of the night, love is the name of the game, don't stop! Will you feel it the same, my love. I'm the living just for you, please make my dreams come true. These times I change it, boy, why can't you see, now it's the time to say the truth. Was it's a joke when you say 'stay with me don't bring me down, don't make me blue. Let me feel it again this love, you're a part of my heart, don't leave. You think it's easy, when you say goodbye, but don't forget the tears I cry.

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Love is the name of writing the game. Don't sing it's over, when you say goodbye. You think it's easy to break her heart. But don't forget, the thousands tears I cry, love games on you it from the start. Love is the name of the game, don't stop! Let me feel it again this love. You're a part of my heart, don't leave.

in the name of love essay
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  6. Themes, love as an Emotional and Physical Plague; The fear and Intolerance of Aging and death; Suffering in the, name. Cholera in the, time of, love, essay. In, the, road Less Traveled, essay. A person is to forsake all other things in the name of love.

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