Master thesis opportunities germany

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Lecturer Position for. Holders, phD- holders whose PhD thesis has been granted the Thesis Award in European Studies are offered the opportunity to be employed in the lecturer position subject to the fulfilment of the condition of having published full-text article in a topic related to the PhD. Award receiving students will have their thesis published as part of ces book series. Eligibility Criteria: Each nominated thesis must meet the following criteria:   be a thesis written by a student and in the field of European Studies;   be in line with the thesis writing guidelines of Epoka university   be written in English;   be the.  Collaborative, co-supervised thesis incorporating various disciplines are strongly encouraged.   be authored by a student registered at any university in the world at his/her final semester of his/ her bachelor or master studies.

The nominations will then be assessed by ces thesis evaluating committee and the debate final decision is going to be announced at ces website. Award: The center offers to the winning candidates Master/. Scholarship for studies at Epoka university and a publishing opportunity:. Teaching Assistant position for students who will pursue master studies. Full-time Teaching, assistant - 100 discount on the master program tuition fees. In addition, the candidate assists one professor in his/her lecturing courses. Research Assistant position for students who will pursue. Research Assistants are. Students and full-time staff members of Epoka university, which means that they are eligible to the institutional provisions with regard to remuneration, social security and health insurance, weekly working hours, annual leave as well as other statutory benefits. Research Assistants are part of the assisting academic staff category and benefit from a 50 discount from the tuition fee.

master thesis opportunities germany

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Some schools will ask you while filling the application for admission. Some may ask you after joining the school. Is it mandatory to select Thesis Option? In Some schools it is mandatory. In: Contests , the center for European Studies at Epoka university announces the award for undergraduate and graduate thesis that research you Europe and European integration from an interdisciplinary perspective. Ces award for Best Thesis in European Studies is granted for the first time to a thesis written by a student registered at any university in the world. The aim of the award is to acknowledge and encourage research on Europe and European studies among students and stimulate lifelong engagement in research and teaching about European integration. Nominations for the award are done by the student and his/her thesis supervisors.

master thesis opportunities germany

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Advantages of Non-Thesis Option: 1) you can complete masters degree in short time. 2) no need to put effort on research. Which one to select make for ms in US? I personally prefer Non-Thesis Masters option, because one can complete the degree in short time and can start job search. If you are really interested in research or want to join PhD course, select the Thesis Option. Sometimes you will choose Thesis option to get the funding / Assistantship from the university. When should i select Thesis or Non thesis options?

You will work with a professor to complete your research. In some schools you will get Research Assistantship easily if you choose Thesis option for. Non Thesis Option: Thesis option in Masters Degree involves a mini project or a comprehensive exam to complete your degree. Comprehensive exam is nothing but an exam conducted by university after completion of certain courses in your degree. Thesis Vs Non Thesis Masters Program. Advantages of Thesis Option: 1) Research at masters level will make your application strong for PhD admission 2) makes your resume strong for job search. Disadvantages of Thesis Option: 1) Will take longer to complete the masters degree since it involves research. Usually masters degree with Thesis option may take over 2 years.

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master thesis opportunities germany

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An empirical examination of German dax companies Determinants of firms speed of adjustment toward target levels of tax avoidance an empirical examination of German dax companies An examination of the effect of foreign operations located in tax havens and other countries on German multinational firms. Income shifting behavior of German multinational companies An empirical test of the dyreng/Markel model The impact of the irfs implementation on earnings persistence in Germany/Europe The post Earnings Announcement Drift in Germany an examination of the dax companies An examination of the value relevance. Does the german stock market under/overreact? a test of market efficiency does the Alpha explain the january effect? Past events, tuition fee waivers 2014/2015 - announcement.

The master of Science in European Economy and Business Law offers best qualified students the possibility to be waived from the 2500 tuition fee. Link to and share "Best Master Programs in Sports Management in Germany 2018". Link to this page, link to start page, paste link in email or IM: logo no image. US schools ask you to choose between Thesis options and Non Thesis option for your Masters(MS) program. Thesis Option: you have to work on a specialized project or topic for the completion of your degree. This will involve msn some research in your domain of study.

Termination of vat groups stressing tax and insolvency laws. Increasing importance of European state aid laws for domestic tax purposes. Audit quality depending on the type of Auditor An overview on Extant Research. Adjusting the Income tax Rate system Is there a need for a major Reform? A critical analysis of German controlled foreign corporation (CFC) rules in the light of the Anti-tax-avoidance-directive.

Tax planning and principal-agent-relationships current state of research and future developments. Possible topics for a bachelor or Master Thesis: Tax clauses in company sales contracts. Corporate governance a survey from a legal and economic perspective draft of the federal Ministry of Finance on the regulation of Profit Allocation Documentations reasonable requirements on the documentation of Transfer Prices or Inappropriate reversal of evidence? Tax avoidance in family firms An investigation of conflicts of interest based on agency rationales and stewardship attitudes Effects on foundations of the new inheriance tax law in Germany current actions to avoid hybrid business establishment The atad ii possible topics for a master Thesis. Disclosure compliance of ias 12 relevant information in the dax30 business reports The january Effect An Empirical Cross-country Analysis Capital Market Efficiency a test of the random Walk hypothesis Changes in the value-relevance of Earnings An Empirical Analysis of dax-corporations The Information Content of ifrs. An Empirical Analysis do firms adjust to target levels of tax avoidance?

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A critical analysis of sec. 8d of the german Corporate Income tax Act under consideration of the legislative advancements in terms of corporate loss utilization. International taxation in Germany under consideration of the Anti-beps implementation Act. Expenses for the home office - a comprehensive overview. A critical analysis of the general anti tax avoidance rule ( 42 AO) and its priority towards special anti tax avoidance rules. Tax challenges in the digitalization era with regard to cross-border for structures. Participation obligations in German tax law. Corporate governance and Tax avoidance a critical review of the literature in the light of the agency-theory. Income tax Rates in Corporate Groups a critical Analysis of the fiscal Offsetting and Reconciliation.

master thesis opportunities germany

Valuation of intangible assets - current developments. The hypothetical comparison of the transfer of intangible assets - a critical analysis of the proposals of oecd / G20. The partnership in income tax law - an overview of the current case law. Restructuring of partnerships - an overview of income, inheritance and purchase tax. Incongruent Profit Distribution from a tax Perspective tax Planning Opportunities and Potential Problems. Taxation of Recapitalisation gains current developments. Treaty overrides in German tax law. Retroactive taxation essay according to 22 UmwStG.

on promoting electromobility in the road transport sector a critical analysis. Tax fraud in the gastronomy sector: A critical analysis of appropriate counter-initiatives of tax audits and regulatory initiatives. Tax deductibility of initial education expenses: a critical assessment of tax and constitutional laws. Financing neutrality and implications of section 34a of German income tax law - a critical analysis. Ownership structure and tax avoidance a critical review of the literature. The consequences of corporate tax avoidance a review.

The taxation of the transfer of assets by paying an part remuneration. The determination of profits of an llp. Forecasting stock market volatility, effective tax Rates and book-tax Differences complementary Approaches to measuring Corporate tax avoidance? Subordination Agreements in Tax Law, profit realization for Tax Purposes with Regard paper to Installment payments. Liabilities for Damage compensation in the tax Balance Sheet. Estimation of Taxes by authorities during the tax Assessement. Interest on Additional Tax Assessments and on Tax Refunds.

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The following list of shakespeare possible topics enables you to get an overview of the topics available for writing a bachelor or Master Thesis at the institute. When registering for a thesis you can indicate that you would like to work on a specific topic from the list. However, the list does only provide an exemplary selection of topics. You are invited to visit us for a non-binding talk before registering for a thesis in order to get to know the institute or to talk about possible proposals of your own. You can register for a talk here. Possible topics for a bachelor Thesis: The change from profits assesment according to average rates (in 13a Income tax Act) to profits assesment according to the comparison to the operational assets. The sales and income tax treatment of (partially) entrepreneurial used vehicles. Anticipated operating costs - an income and value added tax analysis.

master thesis opportunities germany
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  1. You will have an opportunity to participate in the project life, and present your work and results to the team. Ladenburg close to heidelberg, germany. analysis and matching of existing state funding opportunities. Technical University hamburg-Harburg (semester 4, master thesis ) - hamburg, germany.

  2. The following list of possible topics enables you to get an overview of the topics available for writing a bachelor. Most master 's degree program would require students to complete a master 's thesis or research paper. Of opportunities throughout professional sports.

  3. In your application, you should provide information regarding your prior academic achievements, the topic of your master s thesis and the. PhD- holders whose PhD thesis has been granted the, thesis. Award in European Studies are offered the opportunity.

  4. 14 March, 5 pm - webinar: "The world Bank Group: Employment opportunities for young and. Call for application: Valeria solesin, master, thesis. Then thesis master program is best but if you want to join any organization then non thesis is better because it save your 2 years and.

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