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As a winking homage to the mysterious action figure, in 2010, mattel released ". Wun-Dar: The savage he-man " as part of their Masters of the Universe Classics line. . Along with the conan-esque color scheme and the self-referential name, there are three circles on the back of his armor that resemble the red, yellow, and blue dots of the classic Wonder Bread logo, plus the figure comes with a plastic loaf of bread. Thunder Wings lion-o ebay, after three years on the market, by 1987, ThunderCats had run its course in the toy aisle. Kids had moved on, mostly to teenage mutant Ninja turtles, and so the manufacturer, ljn toys, began winding down production. In a last ditch effort to keep the remaining fans happy, they produced a few more new toys, including Thunder Wings lion-o, an action figure of the ThunderCats leader with a pair of detachable, mechanical wings. Because the toyline was ending, very few Thunder Wings lion-O figures were produced, meaning there are only so many to go around for ThunderCats collectors today.

Masters of the Universe trading cards found in specially marked packages of Wonder Bread. Others said the figure originated as a mail-in offer from Mattel if kids sent in three proofs of purchase from he-man toys. However, some conspiracy-minded collectors believed it was part of a line. Conan the barbarian movie tie-in toys that had to be derivatives halted when Mattel saw a preview and grew concerned over the "Sex and violence., decapitation, slashing from groin to throat." But Conan's owners never mentioned a doll that looked like this in the trademark infringement. Savage Sword of Conan comic book. Some also called him simply wonder Bread he-man. Unfortunately, no one from Mattel or Wonder Bread has ever been able to confirm just where this mysterious action figure comes from. Regardless of how he came to be, savage he-man is considered one of the rarest toys in the entire masters of the Universe line, simply because no one knows how many were produced. This has led collectors to pay upwards of 300 for the figure on ebay. However, because of his popularity, counterfeits are a common occurrence, so buyers must beware.

msn homework

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K., meaning some collectors never even had the chance to own him in the first place. Therefore, a swoop in good condition—even one that doesnt necessarily have all of his accessories—can sell for about 90 on ebay. . In comparison, a complete Grimlock with the box, goes for only a couple bucks more. If youre lucky enough to have a swoop in a factory-sealed box, though, you could be looking at upwards of 1,400. Savage he-man 300, imgur, sometime in the late 1990s, when '80s nostalgia started to become a thing, a strange he-man figure began showing up on the collectors market. While the original he-man figure had blond hair, brown furry loincloth and boots, and a reddish-orange belt, this new he-man figure had dark brown hair and loincloth, and a black belt and boots. To make matters even more confusing, the figure was sometimes found wearing black and white armor, and sporting a variety of rust-colored weapons and shields. This odd variation on the original 1982 toy was thought to have been part of a mail-in offer that coincided with.

msn homework

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But not all of us have a factory-sealed, mint In Box, professionally-graded Optimus Prime sitting in our basement that will sell for 3,750. What if all we have is a toy box full of figures that werent the star of the after-school animated cartoon? Dont worry, there are still plenty of overlooked '80s toys you might actually have that are worth more than you think. Transformers Dinobot Swoop 90 - 1,400, first released in North America in 1984, Transformers took kids' imaginations by storm, becoming one of the hottest toys and cartoons of the decade. . In 1985, hasbro released a new sub-group of figures, The dinobots, five transforming dinosaurs, headed up by Grimlock, a tyrannosaurus Rex. Although all of the dinobots became popular, the pteranodon, Swoop, soon became a frontrunner due to his cool, chrome-covered wings and his heroic appearance in the second season of the animated series. For serious collectors, Swoop has become something of a holy Grail because those chrome wings were easily chipped, the transformation process made it fairly common to break off his beak, and he was never released in the.

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msn homework

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Chadwick boseman ) doesnt have much to do besides orchestrate a battle against an army of squishy alien beasties. It isnt until the arrival of Thanos that the sequence takes off not just visually but dramatically. Of all the things that have ever happened in an mcu movie, there will be much chatter about the ending of Infinity war. It is dark and spooky and, in its way, chancy and shocking. Do any of our beloved characters die? But, in fact, the ending is so audacious that you realize its all an elaborate card trick. Despite what paper it shows us, these movies are rarely about more leading to less.

Count on the sequel — due one year from now — to demonstrate that more, in the mcu, will lead only to more. Related content, loading comments. There was a time when the old saying One mans trash is another mans treasure was especially descriptive of the world of toy collecting. For many people, when the kids outgrew their toys, those little hunks of plastic became nothing but garage sale fodder, or they wound up thrown in the trash with the leftover meatloaf from the fridge. But nowadays, more and more people have come to realize that theres gold in the toy chest, and instead of dumping them at goodwill, they put their kids Castle Grayskull up on ebay to help make a down payment on a new hot tub.

Chris Pratt who in contrast to the stentorian stud of Asgard has never seemed more of a dude. He feels like hes got to lower his voice just to keep up with him. The guardians split into two factions, with Rocket (. Bradley cooper ) and the sulky, video-game-playing adolescent Groot (Vin diesel) heading off with Thor, who refers to rocket as the rabbit. Then, just when youre sure that the film has more than enough spinning subplots, along comes Steve rogers, played.

Chris evans in a beard that, frankly, is less becoming to his role than the one sported by Thor. Hemsworth wears his facial hair as a sign of the characters battered-but-unbowed soul, but in evans case it looks as if its not just Rogers but the actor who has grown a bit depressed at the prospect of being Captain America. The team hes leading — hes got Black widow (. Scarlett Johansson ) and War Machine (Don Cheadle) in tow — feels like the least exciting, and the most extraneous to the main action. Infinity war brims with tensely spectacular combat sequences, even if the question of whos going to win each one has that extravagantly arbitrary quality. Luminous daggers get plunged into bodies, to no effect. Thor, after meeting with his weapons guru (Peter Dinklage, acting very Shakespeare) and bracing himself against the burning force of a star, gets a new super-hammer — an ax, actually — which is presented as an ultimate tool until it fails, at a crucial moment. (The weirdest thing about superhero movies is that theyre bombastically physical and metaphysical. Which often doesnt make sense.) The climax is set in wakanda, where tchalla (.

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She wont give into him now, even when hes got her android half-sister, nebula (Karen Gillan suspended and torturously stretched into her metallic essay body parts. Saldana, in a ripely emotional performance, plays Gamora like a raging refugee from an abusive home, and the resolution of her conflict with Thanos gives Infinity war the (rare) moving moment it needs. Gamoras fellow guardians, meanwhile, are off doing what mom they do: saving the cosmos (to the tune of the Spinners The rubberband Man but never letting that endeavor get in the way of their ability to take the piss out of each other. The two marvel franchises come crashing together — literally — when the bloody, barely sentient Thor (. Chris Hemsworth ) bumps into the windshield of the guardians ship. There is much mooning over his muscles (Drax: Its like a pirate had a baby with an angel! which is funny, and so is the rivalrous back-and-forth between Thor and Star-Lord (.

msn homework

Thanos summary is on a mission to gather all six of the Infinity Stones (candy-colored gems named for Mind, soul, time, power, Space, and reality several of which are in the hands of our heroes (Vision, played by paul Bettany, has one of them embedded. If Thanos succeeds, it would allow him, in a mad instant, to destroy half the beings in the universe. This seems like the most dastardly of plans, and. Yet Thanos thinks of himself as a genocidal humanitarian (sort of like chairman mao). The universes resources are limited, and he intends to slice the population in half so that what remains of it can thrive. Brolin infuses Thanos with his slit-eyed manipulative glower, so that the evil in this movie never feels less than personal. It also feels like a force that might just require 20 superheroes to stop. At a few key moments, the war really does get personal, as when Thanos is reunited with Gamora (. Zoe saldana the adoptive stepdaughter he rescued as a girl in the midst of wiping out her planet.

theyre made out of sparklers. Tony, of course, has his zippy metal power suits, but a number of the other characters do, too, including Bruce banner (Mark ruffalo who after the opening fight spends the entire film trying and failing to call forth his inner Hulk. Avengers: Infinity war can make it feel like youre at a birthday party where you get so many presents that you start to grow tired of opening them. But taken on its own piñata-of-fun terms, its sharp, fast-moving, and elegantly staged. It also has what any superhero movie worth its salt requires: a sense that theres something at stake. The urgency derives, in this case, from the films villain, Thanos, the malevolent Dark lord of the wrecked planet Titan, played. Josh Brolin (in a supremely effective motion-capture performance) as a towering walking-statue purple demon with a chin sculpted like abraham Lincolns beard, and a demeanor of soft-spoken nietzschean intelligence. Hes like hellboy, the hulk, darth Vader, and Oliver Stone rolled into one eloquent sociopath. Thanos master plan could hardly be simpler — and neither, despite its gushing river of characters, could the films storyline.

More reviews, so is the movie a jumbled, top-heavy mess of cynical franchise overkill? Sort of like the bloated and chaotic avengers: Age of Ultron taken to the second power? Its a sleekly witty action opera thats at once overstuffed and bedazzling. . The directors, Anthony and joe russo, working from a script by the crack team of Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely (who wrote their two captain America sequels are far more stylish and exacting filmmakers than Joss Whedon, director of the first two avengers films. Infinity war is a brashly entertaining jamboree, structured to show off each hero or heroine and give them just enough to do, and to update their mythologies without making it all feel like homework. At the same time, you may begin to lose hold of what made each of these characters, you know, special. Early on, a donut-shaped alien spaceship lands in midtown Manhattan, allowing the effete continental sadist Ebony maw (Tom vaughan-Lawlor whos like a kick-ass essay version of the Ghost of Jacob Marley, to ring-lead some fx street mayhem. Stephen Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch after trying and failing to match Ebony in wisecracks and firepower, gets sucked into the ship, and its up to tony Stark (Robert Downey.) to rescue him, with an assist from Spider-Man (Tom Holland a pop-culture geek who wonders.

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Spoiler alert: do not read ahead if you want a completely spoiler-free experience going into. avengers: Infinity war,. What If Marvel Threw a superhero party and everyone came?, feels like a movie that the American Entertainment State had to get out of its system. Its the 19th entry in the marvel Cinematic Universe, but its the first to push to the wall, to the max, to the ultron the notion that the mcu really is a universe : a vast intermeshed thicket of comic-book icons, destined to. If, oliver for decades, the metaphor for propulsive blockbuster filmmaking was the ride, then watching avengers: Infinity war is like going to a theme park and taking three spins on every ride there. Set in deep space, and in half a dozen lands (New York, wakanda, titan, Knowhere the film presents a galactic battle for the fate of the universe that throws together the six original avengers; the follow-up wave of Marvel superheroes whove only recently been given. Strange, the rebooted Spider-Man the guardians of the galaxy; and a sprinkling of other figures whove been there on the fringes. (I had to scratch my head to remember what Visions powers are, but he remains the coolest shade of revlon.) The movie is a knowingly gargantuan Marvel mashup, so jam-packed with embattled uber saviors that you may feel, at times, like all thats missing.

msn homework
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