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And keep up the great work. hi sandy, thank you so much! This was really your doing. Thanks  to you my application was clear and convincing, and it  looked nothing like the first draft I sent you. Wharton took me in R-1 as an international with NO  business experience. You made all the parts in my  applications that i viewed as weaknesses appear as strengths, and you helped me put it all together so  elegantly. It was a hard long process- but it payed  off!

Thanks, to: Sanford Kreisberg subject: Wharton dear Sandy, i was accepted to Wharton today! I am so thrilled! I want to thank you again for your help. I would not have made it this far without smartphone you. I truly appreciate. subject: Re: got in to: sandy, hi! I got in at Wharton. I am thrilled beyond imagination. This is amazing and your help made it possible. I also learnt a lot about myself in the process.

my first interview essay

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Your suggestions on essays were very thoughtful and extremely helpful. The interview also went really well. The interviewer was really interested to know what my leadership and management values/styles are, and we had a very good conversation on the topic. So, will be heading your way essay in the fall! sandy- i just got the acceptance from Stanford! Thank you so much for your help. Your service was instrumental, as i know how much the essays weigh on thedecision at this school. I will be sure to recommend you to anyoneconsidering the process, and I'll let you know what happens at the other places.

my first interview essay

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You've been crucial every step of the way. dear Sandy, wanted to let you know I got the call from db, and I'm off to Stanford in September. (yaaaaay!) Thank you very much for your frank criticism of my essays and interview mom responses. I had been a little bitter b/c client committments kept me from attending bcg's internal essay and interview clinic, but looking at the relatively small number of bcgers on the gsb bulletin board, clearly i got the better route! If you ever find yourself in sf and thirsty, i hope you'll let me buy you a beer. sandy, heard from hbs last Friday. The director of Admission actually called me up directly at work to give me the news. It has been a long and painful wait but very well worth it! Just want to say thank you for your help along the way.

Your frankness and honesty were of invaluable help and the effort certainly paid off. Sincerely, hi sandy, i just found out I got into hbs. So now I'll decide between hbs and Wharton / lauder. I'm leaning towards hbs. Thank you so much for all your help! You have been amazingly helpful. I also recommended you to a number of friends who will probably be contacting you in the next one or two years- xx (a McK friend) and my brother - (who currently works at - but is a much better B-school candidate than me).

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my first interview essay

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Before i pulled the trigger at about noon today on the application and I think that it actually turned out really well. I justed wanted to say thanks for all of the help. Your contributions made a world of difference to my essays and I think they put together a good story. after I wanted to let you know that I got into hbs. Thanks so much for the help with my essays. I'm sure they made the difference from last year.

Thank you so much! Today, i am essay the happiest man in the world! i am admitted by mit! Thanks again for your help! dear Sanford, i have been admitted to mit sloan and would like to express my deepest gratitude to you for your assistance and guidance during the mba application.

sandy, i've been admitted to columbia for Fall 2004! I just wanted to let you know that I'm pretty sure i would have been dinged if I hadn't gone to you. Of all the decisions i've made regarding business school, going to you was clearly one of the best. Thanks so much for helping make this year long project a huge success. Not that you need the business, but I will definitely be telling all my friends about your services. Thanks again, to: Sanford Kreisberg subject: Money well spent, sandy, i just received notification that I was accepted to the Wharton program!

I don't think there is a clearer example of your expertise making the difference. I was dinged across the board by top-5 schools last year and was admitted this year. Thank goodness, now I can spend the holidays trying to score with a few more hot California women instead of scrambling to come up with reasons why i *really* want to go to some ridiculous school like purdue. Best regards, subject: Re: my wharton Interview, sandy: Thanks so much for helping me get into Wharton. When I first started the essay process, i had no idea what I was doing. Although your comments were harsh sometimes, they were right to the point. I couldn't have done it without you!

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Thanks again, sandy: They took me sight unseen. This was a while ago, when hbs did not interview everyone. I guess those essays were so twist brilliant that they felt they knew me intimately. (By the way, i took the gmats in save '96, so i think i was before this centering crap.). I will keep you posted, and thanks again. I'm pretty sure this wouldn't have happened if I'd used my first draft of essays. Now I really want to buy you a beer. Keep me posted as your schedule opens.

my first interview essay

I couldn't have done it without his help. It was definitely the best money i ever spent! I would recommend itto anyone.". Sandy, i'll be in touch in the fall. Thank you for all your help! Take care, hi sandy, i guess i am one of the lucky ones to successfully get off the wait list at hbs! I just waited, no strategy, letters, big mood foot interventions, etc. Thanks for all of your excellent, no nonsense comments.

of questions, but we "chatted" for almost an hour. It was pretty casual. He was very nice and informative. Sandy was the perfect business school coach. He helped me think about which schools would be most open to my background and how to shape my essays so they painted a complete picture. He steered me in the right direction  early, which saved me a lot of time and rewriting. Sandy was clear and direct in his comments, and as always, right on target. The odds were definitely against me, but with Sandy's help I got into hbs as a reapplicant! I also got into Wharton.

I'm going to visit both schools for Admit weekend in the next month. Also, wanted to send you a copy of both my Stanford essays. Your help was really invaluable and shakespeare I think you'll see a lot of it reflected in both essays. Unbelievable that I would think this (given I started writing in July but I wish I had had more time to work on them. hi sandy - i'd like to let you know that I got into Stanford. Thanks a lot for all your help. I really appreciate it!

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Dear Sandy, accepted at both hbs and Wharton. Your suggestions, both at the time of making the application and at the time of interview, were immensely helpful. ( i also applied to Insead, where i was accepted, to Stanford round 2, which is being evaluated, and to london Business School, which was a ding without interview). Any words of wisdom on hbs vs Wharton? Regards, sandy, i wanted to drop you a quick note to say thanks for your help this fall with my essay Stanford essays. It was a long and painful process but one that eventually paid off. I think x guy at left, her bf told you i got into Stanford and Harvard. I am really excited.

my first interview essay
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