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The minisd slot should be considered a drawback, if you'll use memory cards capacious of more than 1GB. At last we pass to the built-in keyboard. As we've already said the use of the side sliding keyboard allows to have a larger keyboard with higher comfort. Just see the photos to compare it with BenQ P50. There is no automatic closer, but it's possible to open/close the device with one hand. The buttons are big and have comfortable location, so this keyboard is one of the most comfortable on the market, it loses only to nokia 9300/9500. The keys feature distinct feedback. It's possible to control the device using the keyboard only, but in open mode.

I'd note stereo speakers placed at sides. You'll hardly notice a stereo effect, but they add to sound volume. At the left side is a sound volume slider, it's possible to assign to it another action, for example, with. Ae button Plus application. Here you find the second speaker and the button launching wireless adapter manager. At the bottom we see.5 mm audio jack, a silo, an integrated mic, a metallic ear best for the strap, a battery compartment lock and a miniusb connector. For the companies making Windows Mobile communicators the.5 mm audio jack and miniusb become a de-facto standard. Every side has control elements, at the top there are s power button and a minisd slot. For users the switch to minisd slot from the popular SD/mmc means the change for the worse. The old user of Pocket pc will have to switch to another format, and the new user will get less food memory card storage space (1 gb minisd against 4gb sd).

resume wizard in ms word

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The form of double buttons above and under the screen is imposed by design and symmetry with slight harm to ergonomics (compare the proportion of the soft button and Talk button). The joystick is quite big and comfortable, if you turn the device in landscape position and use buttons above the screen, you can play some games, which do not require many buttons. The buttons on the front panel are comfortable, but aren't designed for gaming. However if you turn the device in landscape position, you can use them to play games. In fact, two buttons above the screen (launching e-mail and Internet browser) have been used most of all. Above the screen you see a speaker for talks and two light indicators. At the right side we find a camera button, world a voice control button, an infrared port and a soft reset button.

resume wizard in ms word

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The assembly quality is traditionally high. You can hardly reproach htc with using poor quality or cheap materials for the shell. At sides you see a ribbon of black plastic. The screen frame is made of metal. Htc wizard features rounded design accented with curves of double buttons. Besides it looks rounded because of its relative thickness (dimensions - 108x58x23.7 mm). As you see it on the photos, height and width of htc wizard is similar to htc magician. For a qwerty-keyboard device it has light weight - 169. You'll feel comfortable to carry the communicator on the belt, in the jacket's pocket, but it is weighty for trousers.

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resume wizard in ms word

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It has no camera, that's the difference from the wizard 100. This is the main design of the platform (our review deals with this very design which will be replicated by the companies. I'd like to highlight a cdma version - htc apache (PPC6700 model for Sprint operator). It differs in an external antenna, other design and processor (Intel instead of Texas Instruments). This smartphone deserves a separate review. If we talk about htc wizard in comparison with htc magician, we have the following picture: Improvements involve new os version, addition of wi-fi support and qwerty-keyboard. Changes for the worse imply a relatively thicker shell, heavy weight, not the most productive processor, minisd cards instead of SD/MMC.

If we look inside the device, we'll understand that the communicator was projected from "zero" stage, as a matter of fact it wasn't based on previous models. Everything is new: the board, new generation of flash-memory, new versions of Bluetooth and wi-fi. Because of it we paid much attention to this model. Design, keyboard, the shell color of the communicator is the combination of Silver, Grey and Black. The shell feels metallic, however the main part of the shell is made of Silver plastic that feels expensive.

With time the list will be continued. Htc means little to common users, but experts are familiar with it well. To avoid confusion we'll call the device the wizard (the code name). Inside htc they still use the old name - the Prodigy. But remember, almost everything in the review equally relates to all mentioned brands.

From the one side htc wizard is the combination of htc magician and htc blue angel, from the other side it's a brand new branch in the communicator line by the company. We could trace in htc products before the release of htc magician 2 strict lines. The ms smartphone devices with the digital keyboard and without a touchscreen look like ordinary phones (htc tanager, then htc voyager and Typhoon and the pocket pc devices with larger size compared with ordinary pocket pc and the standard screen look like ordinary pdas (htc. Htc magician platform, as well as htc wizard represents something average in size between 2 branches, an intermediate version. In the 4th generation this branch gets divided into another 2 lines (devices with the built-in keyboard and without it). To add, next year there will be more than 5 branches for htc. On the market will be several versions of the communicator differing in design and camera: wizard 100 (see it on the photo above). It has less rounded design, more strict lines and more comfortable keyboard. First of all it will be available for American gsm networks.

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Htc is Microsoft Windows ce platform development partner. The company releases already the fifth generation of smartphones and communicators. As for pdas, the overwhelming majority of modern pdas on Pocket pc platform appeared due to homework htc (hp ipaq, dell Axim, fujitsu siemens Pocket loox). Htc products come out under various trademarks (on odm/oem contracts) of mobile service providers and other companies. They are t-mobile, orange, o2, vodafone, qtek, i-mate, dopod. The trademarks of Qtek and Dopod belong to htc. The first one s focused on the european market, and the latter - on the Asian market. Usually the differences are in slightly different design and another name on the shell. In particular, htc wizard will be available under the following names: Qtek 9100, i-mate k-jam, t-mobile mda vario, orange spv m6000, O2 xda mini Pro, dpod 838.

resume wizard in ms word

We haven't published this review before on purpose, as many crucial moments got ame clear at the last moment. I'd say that processor performance with the final rom update increased. Battery life increased greatly and. We tried to offer our readers not only the full review of the new product, but also some advices on the usage. The review turned to be long, so if you have little time, you'd better pass to the final part of the review "Conclusion". Traditionally, i'd say some words about htc. Htc (High Tech Computer) is the main producer of Windows Mobile smartphones and communicators. In contrast to nokia the name of htc says little to users, so it requires some explanation.

is that the system can't work in album mode (the problem was solved in Windows Mobile 2003 SE). Secondly, there was a weak integration of the keyboard and the operating system, the keyboard fulfilled only text input function (most of the problem is settled in Windows Mobile.0). Well, after the release of Windows Mobile 2003 se it was just a matter of time, when devices will appear packed in this form-factor. Today we'll talk about the first representative of this class, it's the wizard communicator by the taiwanese company htc. For example, sharp has already announced its new communicator in this form-factor for the japanese market. We've been testing different versions of htc wizard for more than a month, watching the growth in stability of the device, the preparation of the final russification version, corrections of software mistakes and improvements in hardware.

At the same time the keyboard ergonomics depends greatly on buttons size mom and thus on shell width. Despite of the fact that such Treo-like buttons location settled down and enjoys market demand, manufacturers keep on searching. From good, but not popular models I'd note nokia 9000 series and the cancelled Motorola mpx transformer. It took manufacturers little time to find the happy medium, a compromise between the size and comfortable qwerty-keyboard. This is a so-called side slider form-factor. In this case the width doesn't matter, only the height, which is always bigger. The keyboard turns to be much comfortable, though it doesn't take place on the front panel.

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Standard kit: Smartphone, charger, wire stereo headset minisd card (optionally usb cable for synchronization, horizontal belt case. Cd with the software, manual, we still like to see the plenty of new communicators and smartphones. Ever more new companies join the game, and old players plan for 2006 to increase 2-3 times the number of devices. Currently the leading position is occupied by symbian os derivatives (major pie for nokia with nokia series 60 devices). However if we do not homework take into account nokia, the number of Windows Mobile devices is much bigger. The burst of Windows Mobile share among sold devices should be expected only next year. The success of Palm Treo and BlackBerry, the rapid development of push-mail give no rest to manufacturers. Manu try to copy design of Palm and rim devices, make a similar device: a candy bar, the qwerty keyboard under the screen.

resume wizard in ms word
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