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Essay writing on mobile phone advantages and disadvantages

There is no legal way the company can do that but it is possible to do it, illegally. In India we now have more mobile phones than landlines. Even though landlines are cheaper and available, people still prefer mobile phones to landlines. Now in India, mobile phones are becoming accessible to the very poor. The sort of people who live in the eighty-six thousand villages all over the country that have no connectivity at all. Mobile phones can ease the lives of the poor.

We can now get mobile phones in less than thirty dollars. All of those things put in the hands of the poor, they can then benefit from these great things mobile phones can. The mobile phone is a force for engineering good benefiting billions of people and changing the way we all behave. There is however a darker side to the mobile phone revolution. We don't know yet all the risks in health, in ecology, in security but it is known that mobile phones have been used to trigger bombs in Madrid, in London, in Israel, in Iraq and India. The mobile phone has become crucial to state security. Everyone's calls are now routinely scanned and monitored. While it can argued that the innocent have nothing to fear, this is not entirely true. Nowadays it is possible to track back a person leader if a call is being made. For example, let's say that there is an executive chief officer of a big company and he has commercial rivals who have got a new product, new service, new piece of software that is going to seriously do damage to the company's business. Then, arises the issue of whether it is possible for the company to listen to its commercial rivals' mobile phone calls.

essay writing on mobile phones

Present mobile phones essay

Everybody, from a shoe polisher to a guy in the writing market to the highest executive, depend on mobile phones rather than the landlines. The mobile phone can be considered to be a technology that gives people the power to make things better on their own. Africa is now part of the world where the subscriber count is growing the fastest. Mobile phones give us economic benefits. They save us the trouble of making wasted journeys, make it easier to find work; they allow you to call several markets if you are a farmer or a fisherman to find out the best price for your product. They also compensate for bad infrastructure. Places where we don't have good roads, postal services or fixed network. Mobile phones boost economic activities in a big way. The price of handsets has fallen greatly in the last eighteen months.

essay writing on mobile phones

Essay on mobile phone boon or curse

Ringtones, ringtones were first invented via these devices itself. When mobile phone manufacturers first developed their devices, they had the review opportunity to put music within them. That's how we got early tones coming from the manufacturer to start with which were a series of sound to let the owners know that their phone was ringing. Firstly there was the monophonic tune and then came the polyphonic tune. Nowadays we are in a position where we call it the true tone or real sound and that is in fact an actual clip of a real piece of music. Impact on poor countries, africa, the mobile phone has brought more telephony to the whole continent of Africa in the last 5 years than the landline telephone was able to bring since its inversion in the last hundred years. Mobile phones are highly appreciated in Africa, they are very important because it enables the people there, to reach everyone and everyone. It is saving money, life, transportation. The mobile phone in Africa is now as important as the bicycle once was.

The On-screen keyboard was a built-in keyboard showed on the screen. For using the phone's keyboard, people had to touch the screen with their fingers just like as if it were traditional keyboard with physical buttons. With time the technology evolved and the touch screen was no longer used just for the dialing, it was used for writing too. Smartphones with both touch screen keypad and also the standard keypad were invented because some people were unsatisfied due to the fact that it was hard to write text messages from a completely touch screen phone because of its sensitivity. Such phones were named qwerty phones. The qwerty smartphones helped people to write more easily, and because it looks like a minicomputer, they can easily use it to surf the web, use instant messengers and many other features. The smartphones are great for business persons or anyone who wants features that a computer has, but it has the disadvantage of having a much higher price compared to normal phones. The price is expected to drop as time passes by and technology advances.

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essay writing on mobile phones

Essay on mobile phone boon or curse and also write paper Aeschylus

It is almost universally accessible and this in itself is a very new thing for a piece of technology. The technology starts off being very expensive. The first mobile phone was the size of a brick and cost a couple thousand pounds and phone calls were incredibly expensive. Now they come off priced at less than twenty bucks and the rate of phone calls have become lower. A mobile phone nowadays is used as a text messenger, word processor, calendar, a clock, a diary, a dictionary, a compass, a scanner, a computer, an internet access, an email, a gaming console, a video camera, a television, a radio, a music sharing center, etcâ.

The very first smartphone to have been created was named Simon. It was designed and created by ibm (International Business Machines) in the 1992s. It was in Las Vegas, nevada, during the comdex (Computer dealers' Exhibition) show that this idea of "smartphone" was first presented to the world. The simon smartphone included features like world clock where it could show the time in all the countries in the, a note pad used to take notes, email, calculator, a calendar where it was possible hotel to markup events in certain days and to set. One unique feature that Simon smartphone had was its keyboard. It was the first phone to be using a touch screen keyboard.

Through the appropriate os such applications can interact more easily with the phone's hardware. Application categories range from Productivity, entertainment, communication, finance, health, lifestyle, multimedia, news, social to Travel and everything in between. These 'app stores' are accessible from the phone itself for instant downloads of both free and paid applications. There is no end to how much functionality you can add to your phone. Martin cooper from Motorola created the first portable cellular device.

It was shaped like a brick and it weighed nearly two pounds. Each technology allows us to do a thousand times more. The mobile phone is helping people, goods and services to move and it is driving technology forward. Back in 1915 when the thermionic tube was invented, it powered the whole world war two and after that came the transistor. The transistor allowed us to do a thousand times more with less power and after that came the integrated circuit which was again thousand times smaller, requiring less and less power while providing more computing power. We are wearing more digital storage than was available on this planet, in the year we were born by a long way. This revolution is not going to stop any time soon. We use mobile phones to talk through it, listen, we can send very minimal message. We don't need great technical knowledge in order to use it; we don't even need literacy to use.

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A smartphone is cleverer than world that because it will figure out the server from your email id dream by itself. While the majority of people may think that smartphones are for geeks it is actually the opposite because they are generally much more refined and intuitive than the non-smart phones. Smartphones can be used by the not so technically inclined as well, to do powerful things with their phones. A smartphone can be easily recognized by its excellent email, calendar, organizer integration and powerful apps presented in a simple and intuitive way. Symbian, Android, windows Mobile, is the current operating systems that drive a smartphone. It is the same thing as Windows and Mac os on our. These operating systems help us to interact with both the hardware and the applications on the phone. Unlike java applications that can be installed on any ordinary mobile phone, applications that have been developed on these operating system platforms are normally much better in terms of their functionality.

essay writing on mobile phones

Smartphones are sophisticated devices used for communication while offering many other different functions at the same time. These functions may include video and audio recording, navigation assistance, music and video player and web browsing through wireless networks and apps ranging from games to highly specialized dictionaries. Smartphones come in different designs candy-bar models, clamshell models, slide models and wearable watch models. Common uses of smartphones besides phone calls and messaging may include video-conferencing, web browsing, listening to music, viewing videos, playing games, tool for different educational purposes, navigation assistant. Technically, an 'operating system platform open to developers' is letter really the only minimum requirement to classify a smartphone. Smartphones are generally also expected to be 'smart'. For example if a phone that asks you for the sever address, port, etcâ to set up for email access, it's not a smartphone even if the advertising brochure says.

most features in the most fashionable phone. The technology that Martin cooper unveiled more than three decades ago has fundamentally changed lives around the world from grocery shoppers in Europe to farmers in Africa. There are now over two billion mobile phones on the planet. There are more mobile phones in China than in any other single country in the world. China is the biggest mobile phone market in the world. There are more mobile phones in china than there are people in the United States. Mobile phones had revolutionary impact on the way we communicate, mobile phones let people do what they have to do, when and where they want. This freedom relies on huge investments in high technology and the evolution of smaller and faster machines.

First, telephone user become to addicted essay their mobile phone if they are too depends on it, moreover, the ability of human communication is limited if the mobile phone is more present in some event such as class meetings, on the bus, in the parksome people. The use of mobile phones too much will make people take a lot of time, it not only influence on study results, makes students distraction but also it is cause of disease about eyes. Final, we shouldn't use mobile phone while we are driving because it can lead traffic accidents. In conclusion, mobile phone is necessary for our modern lives today. However it is helpful or not, which depends on our ways of using. It will be better if we use it true purpose and in an appropriate time. Print, reference this, published: 23rd March, 2015, around the world there are more mobile phones than old fashioned landlines. The mobile phones of today are ultra-thin and ultra-light.

Uses and abuses of mobile phone essay?

Nowadays, the mobile phone plays a oliver major role in our lives, which brings many benefits to us but also contains some drawbacks. Both these sides will discussed in this essay. Generally, the mobile phone will certainly bring about a lot of advantages. First of all, the mobile phone is considered the quickest means of communication in our daily life, we can contact easily with our friends and our relative wherever by calling or sending messages. Second, the mobile phone is also a means of entertainment for people. We can listen to music and play games on mobile phone. Moreover, by using the latest apps for smartphones, we can access to the internet to watch Film and check our profile in social networks and update our status wherever we are. Final, If we have a smartphone in hand, our studying becomes more effective such as look up dictionary, find out many source of reference on internet which is useful for studying. On the other hand, the mobile phone is also many disadvantage.

essay writing on mobile phones
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If you want to write about the history of mobile phones or the benefits of having a mobile phone, then it is relatively easy. Mobile phone is one of the phenomenal inventions of this age.

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