Explain different methods of giving presentations

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They have no time to read books or to communicate with their friends. They move less, speak less and they even think less. Of course, such way of life does much harm to their health. To sum up, people should continue to develop technology, but they must do it wisely. Otherwise we may regret in the future. Some people say that technical devices do more harm than good. However, others think that it is impossible to live without computers or mobile phones nowadays.

Many indie people feel ill at ease without their laptop computers or gps navigation systems. In my opinion, technology facilitates our lives and saves our time. Computers help us do the most difficult sums and investigate complicated data. People do business, communicate and do the shopping report via the Internet. It is much easier to do housework nowadays, thanks to electric equipment such as microwave ovens, washing machines and. However, many people say that technology makes us lazier and weaker. For example, such technological developments as the telephone and the Internet have made communication much easier, but they can cause the loss of social interaction. A lot of people prefer communicating through a keyboard than face to face. That is why people don't meet as often as they did in the past. A lot of people are fond of watching tv and playing computer games. They spend hours in front of the screen.

explain different methods of giving presentations

The concept and teaching of Place-value in Math

The teachers are responsible to help the students to develop their ability to understand and to use a word automatically and appropriately for communicative purposesIn teaching different kinds of words, the teachers should choose different teaching aids and strategies reviews to activate the students learning motivation. Junior students like curious and exciting activities, so the teachers can design some competitive exercises or play some games in the process of teaching vocabulary to arouse their interest in nclusion tationppt_wppt_y. Science technology, technology is an important part of our lives. We use computers and other electric equipment at work and in the home. However, some people believe we rely too much on machines, and that the more technology improves, the lazier and weaker humans will become. Technological advances are changing our lives very rapidly. Nowadays we can't do without such gadgets as mobile phones, pcs, digital tape recorders, air conditioners, fax machines and.

explain different methods of giving presentations

Section 1 - principles and

say where the pen. (The teacher puts the pen in different places for pupils to say on the tale, in the box, under the bag, over the blackboard, and.) - make needed statements. (The teacher either displays objects or uses pictures for pupils to say a blue pencil, its raining hard.) -make two or three statements on the object (or the picture). At both stages of teaching vocabulary the teacher should use all kinds of vocabulary testing to see how his pupils assimilate the form the meaning, and the usage of the r testing the retention of the written form the teacher may suggest dictations. For testing the meaning special tests may be recommended such as writing synonyms, antonyms and some others. For testing the usage of the words the teacher may give such tests as composing sentences using the words given, composing a short story on a picture or a set of pictures, and some others. With no good acquisition of vocabulary, there will be no way for listening, speaking, reading, writing, and translation to develop well and appropriately.

Group 2Exercises designed to form pupils skills in using the word in sentences tation tation tation tation tation tation tation tation tation tation Group 1 may include: 1)- Exercises in finding the necessary words among those suggested. For example: - picking out the words which denote school objects; - choosing the right word: The horse is a (wild, domestic) animal.2)- Exercises in finding the necessary words among those stored up in the pupils memory: - giving the name to the object the. Group 2 includes:Exercises in inserting the necessary words in word combinations, phrases, sentences, the words and sentences being suggested. For example: - combine the words; - connect the sentences. Exercises in using word combinations, phrases, sentences, the words and sentences stored up in pupils memory in connection with situations given. For example: - say what you can see here. (The teacher shows his pupils pens and pencils of different colour and size for them to say a blue pen, a long pencil, etc. Or he can use situational pictures for the purpose).

The four Part Lesson (teep) Whats that then?

explain different methods of giving presentations

English Language Arts Standards » Language » Grade 9-10

Tation tationppt_wppt_y tationppt_wppt_y The teacher can convey the meaning with the word-building element:Teacher: you know the words: worker, teacher now guess the meaning of the word writer. Write- e teacher may also use synonyms to convey the meaning of a new word. For example the word town may be presented through the familiar word city; receive- get; reply answer. The use of the direct method is restricted. Whenever the teacher to present words denoting abstract notions he must resort to the mother tongue,. Is it a part of a set expressions? How a lexical item collocates?

For example: people are injured but things are damaged. We say a weak coffee but not a light coffee we may say take the decision but come to the conclusion. Since every word has usage to present a word means also to introduce to pupils its usage: How and when the language item is used? Tationppt_wppt_y tationppt_wppt_y tationppt_wppt_y tationppt_wppt_y tationppt_wppt_y Practice of Vocabulary includes writing various exercises with the words in phrases and structures to assimilate the usage of words. Two groups may be recommended for vocabulary assimilation: Group 1 Exercises designed for developing pupils skills in choosing the proper word.

I dont want to get wet. I havent a raincoat, but I have an umbrella. The rain is coming down on my umbrella but it isnt coming down. My umbrella is protecting me from catching rain. Now the rain has stopped. I will take my umbrella down.

An umbrella is very useful when it is raining. Teaching a word in this way, putting the word in context, the teacher not only teaches the student vocabulary, but to think in English as well. Games Using games in classroom English vocabulary teaching in junior form will make the class alive. Junior students are active and they like playing games. For example, guessing riddles is a good game in vocabulary teaching to practice the students abilities of listening, and speaking, and at the same time help them to remember the target words. Junior students will be active in guessing the words and really learn them by heart.

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Tation, contextual teaching It is stated that vocabulary is alive only if put into context. In presenting new words, the teacher can provide the context for the students and let them guess the meaning of the target vocabulary. For example, in teaching the word water, the teacher can show the following sentences to the students: (1) i am internet very thirsty; I want to drink some water (2) The flowers are dry; I must water them every day. (3) There using is some water in the bottle, we can drink. From context, it is not difficult for the students to guess that water in sentences (1) and (3) is a noun, while the one in sentence (2) is a verb. Then the students will know the different parts of speech and usages of the word water. Tationppt_wppt_y, the teacher can provide the students with the following context in order to teach the word umbrella. Its raining and I want to go out.

explain different methods of giving presentations

Tation tation tation, there are 2 ways of conveying the writer meaning of words: Direct method Translation. The direct method is usually used when the words denote things, objects, sometimes gestures and movements, which can be shown to and seen by pupils. The mother tongue is not used. The direct method: 1) Visual 2) Verbal tationppt_wppt_y tationppt_wppt_y tation tation tationppt_wppt_y tation tation, visual Aids In teaching of junior students some nouns of concrete things such as apple, pear, cake, dog, car and moon, the teacher can bring to class the real objects. Concrete images are easily accepted by the students and the teacher doesnt have to tell the students the meanings of those words. While teaching some verbs such as eat, walk, jump, open, write, sit, stand, and some teacher can show the students vivid actions and facial expressions, then there is no need for the teacher to explain anything more about the words, because the students already understand. Tationppt_wppt_y, english Explanations in Class The English Syllabus requires the teachers to use English in class as often as possible and only use the mother tongue as assisted language, so it is very important to create an English environment in the English class for the. For instance, the following words can be explained in this way 1) holiday: time off from work or school; (2) invite: ask someone to dinner; (3) housework: work done around the home; (4) afternoon: between 12:00 and 6:00 in the daytime; (5) exam: an important.

part of speech and collocation of the words, seldom do they make any mention of information concerning culture. It is better to tell the students some cultural knowledge of vocabulary to broaden their vision and stimulate their learning interest. It will also benefit the students to think in English more and thus enhancing their English learning. Tationppt_wppt_y tationppt_wppt_y, the teachers role in the process of learning a word is:To present the word, to get his pupils to identify the concept correctly;To get them to recall or recognize the word by means of different exercises; to stimulate pupils to use the words. Tationppt_wppt_y tationppt_wppt_y tationppt_wppt_y, at the stage of presenting new vocabulary, the teachers should choose proper strategies to teach different kinds of words: giving the first language translation, giving a synonym, giving a definition by paraphrase, using the new word in a sentence, using teaching aids. The teachers should remember that a word is much easier for the students to remember when they can connect the form, the meaning and the concrete image of it together. Since every word has its meaning, form and usage to present a word means to explain its meaning, to introduce to pupils its forms and junior form prevails the visual presentation.

English teachers Problems in Vocabulary Instruction In junior forms, some English teachers only pay attention to the teaching of phonetics, grammar and syntax, asking students to do lots of exercises about them so as to get good marks in the exams. Teachers pay little attention to vocabulary teaching. When tested, many students will complain that they come across too many unfamiliar words and expressions. As a result, a lot of mistakes appear in their test because of their misunderstanding of the vocabulary, which will make them lose interest in learning resume English. Tationppt_wppt_y, equal Time on VocabularyThe new English Syllabus requires the students of junior form to master the usages of 1500—1600 words and 200—300 idioms, and it has Specific requirements on the learning of each word on the aspects of listening, speaking, reading and writing. Many teachers, however, spend equal time pouring new words and expressions of the word-list to the students, without notifying which one is the most important that should be learned to the fullest extent and which one only needs to be recognized. The students will become worried and doubt their ability of learning English vocabulary.

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In The new Oxford Dictionary of English (2001 vocabulary is the body of words used in a particular language. English linguist Nation said: learning a second language means learning its vocabulary. Wilkins states that without grammar very little can be conveyed, without vocabulary nothing can be conveyed. The definition of Vocabulary tationppt_wppt_y tation tation, the main goal of vocabulary teaching is to encourage and help the students know well how the native speakers and other high proficient learners use the target language in order to enhance their sensibility of subtle differences. The aim of vocabulary teaching should be to provide the students with the ability of distinguishing the words and mastering usage. The analysis of the words within the foreign language allows us to distinguish the following groups of words: Concrete Abstract Structural tation tationppt_wppt_y tation tationppt_wppt_y tation tationppt_wppt_y concrete words may denote: things interests (book, street, sky, pencil, house, train) actions (walk, dance, read, write, speak, take. English linguist Wallace stated that to know a word means the ability to recognize it in its spoken or written form, recall it at will, relate it to an appropriate object or concept, use it in the appropriate grammatical form, pronounce it in a recognizable.

explain different methods of giving presentations
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  1. Methods of analysis from different text theories with different types of texts interpret texts from a broad range of epochs and cultures give.

  2. A beautifully designed template enhances the professionalism and performance of presentations, whether you. There are a lot of different sites for. Firstly, they link together users of the Internet who have common interests and give people an opportunity.

  3. The direct method. Describe the different types of guests that may visit a hotel and. After this process we assign the room rate and we establish the method of payment.most out of presentations and workshops when their ta or instructor is present to field class- and assignment-specific questions, and to explain how. Here, jim writes about different methods.

  4. Think about using a variety of different visual images. However, remember to restrict their use to key moments in your presentation ; an over use. At the stage of presenting new vocabulary, the teachers should choose proper strategies to teach different kinds of words: giving.

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