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Weekly lessons are delivered electronically and the contents are discussed during video-based tutorials. Set exercises test the students understanding of each topic before moving on to the next. Assessment is by 100 per cent coursework in the form of concise project reports or academic papers. For each of the 40 credit modules you undertake, you will have both a mid-module assignment and an end of module assignment to complete. Through weekly tutorials you will receive on-going formative feedback and guidance, but the final module mark and summative feedback is based on the end of module assignment only. Let games industry professionals teach you how to design and develop computer games from concept art through to 2D and 3D asset creation, animation and level design, leading to fully playable games. Use your own creative skills to work on projects from within the games industry utilising industry standard hardware and access to emergent technologies such as vr and mr to help bring your creative design ideas to life.

Additional submissions might include other artistic work such as photography, graphic design, video and audio design, sketches and fashion design or construction. Stage managers should include a few samples pages from a prompt script. Playwriting : Please submit a writing sample. Accompany your submitted material with your name and the titles of your submissions. Please submit a short, one-act play and/or a character monologue. Provide resume and 1-5 items. Images (up to annual 10 mb each video (up to 120 mb each audio (up to 60 mb each) and pdfs (up to 20 mb each). Learning Environment and Assessment, the ma games Design has been specifically designed to accommodate the needs of part-time provision via distance learning. Students tend to be adults in employment who want to take the course on a part-time basis to fit around their other working commitments. We accommodate such needs by offering a clear structure of progression, balanced by flexible personal tutorials: for which you can expect to have weekly one-to-one contact with academic staff via web based visual conferencing. It is this bespoke interaction with academic staff that our students tell us they find both supportive and inspirational.

game design personal statement

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You should select work that best shows your personal style, skills, creativity, and conceptual development. Provide 15-20 items and Artist Statement images (up to 10 mb each video (up to 120 mb each) and pdfs (up to 20 mb each). Theatre portfolios should demonstrate talent and experience with performance in professional or school theatre, technical production, or playwriting. Performance : In your audition video, remember to mention the play, its author and the character(s) you are playing. Two contrasting scenes or monologues and, if you wish, 16 bars of a song. Your selections should be no longer than a total of 3 minutes in length combined. Production ( Design /Technology/Stage management) : Accompany your submitted video with your name and the name and author of the plays that represent your work. Designers/technicians should provide a broad range of examples of their creative and artistic work. . These might include actual theatre designs paper and renderings, working drawings, props, puppets and costumes. .

game design personal statement

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You may also link to media from, vimeo, and soundCloud. Studio art Portfolio required for admission to northeastern The bfa in Studio art is offered in partnership with the School of the museum of Fine Arts, boston (smfa). In this major, studio art classes are taken at the smfa, which permits you to explore a wide range of artistic media, including ceramics, drawing, film, glasswork, metal smithing, painting, performance, print and paper, sculpture, and sound. Electives and Art design history courses are taken at Northeastern. Students who apply to Studio art are required to submit a portfolio of 15-20 images of original work created by you. Your portfolio may include work in a variety of media; no particular subject matter or style is required. Portfolios are evaluated for breadth of creative potential.

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game design personal statement

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Video recordings of live performances of your music are also acceptable. A short statement explaining your involvement essay in the creation of the work. The statement should note whether you are the sole creator or a collaborator; the composer, arranger, or remixer; and whether you are performing the work on the recording(s). A separate one-page statement describing your musical background, influences, and goals as well as why you think the music technology program is right for you. Visit the music Technology website for additional information.

Provide 3 items: video (up to 120 mb each audio (up to 60 mb each) and pdfs (up to 20 mb each). You may also links to media from, vimeo, and soundCloud. Music/Music Industry portfolios are encouraged, but not required. An applicant may submit a portfolio that includes: Original compositions, arrangements, charts or songs, documented with audio files and/or scores, lead sheets, etc. Video or audio documentation of performance (vocal or instrumental) or studio work evidence of potential in the business of music including materials related to organizing and promoting concerts or other performances Documentation of experience in touring or tour management Documentation of experience in artist management. Provide 3-5 items: images (up to 10 mb each video (up to 120 mb each audio (up to 60 mb each) and pdfs (up to 20 mb each).

Game, design, a submission for, game, design should include 1-5 portfolio pieces, which may include any number of the following. Please specify your role in each sample: Demo, video game trailer, or screenshots of a game you have created or worked on Game concept, in the form of a written game design document or storyboard Drawings or illustrations of game ideas or characters Screenshots. Depending on your area of interest, please submit the requested number of samples from one of the categories below. Print : 3-5 print articles (reviews, reportage, or opinion pieces) Video : 2-3 stories shot and/or reported by the candidate Photos : 5-6 photos and/or a published photo essay layout/ design : 2-3 pages Personal Statement : In 500-700, words please discuss your interest. Media and Screen Studies A portfolio for Media studies should include evidence of excellence in creative work (such as a screenplay, an audio or video project, or a documentary). A narrative, non-fiction, or interactive work (audio or video) between 5 to 10 minutes in length that demonstrates experience with media production.

If the original work is longer than 10 minutes, provide a segment or re-edited version. A completed screenplay at least 30 pages in length. A documentary film between 5 to 15 minutes in length, which demonstrates experience with producing and directing documentaries. . If the original work is longer than 15 minutes, provide a segment or re-edited version. Music Technology portfolios are encouraged, but not required. An applicant may submit a portfolio that includes: 3-5 representative examples of your creative work in a form that best represents the project, including lead sheets of original songs or printed scores of original compositions or arrangements. Digital formats may include midi or digital audio files of urls for websites that include original music or sounds. Audio recordings of compositions are highly recommended.

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Additionally, transfer applicants are encouraged to submit work that reflects studio coursework taken since high school. Provide an Artist, statement and 10-15 items: Images (up to 10 mb each video (up to 120 mb each) and pdfs (up to 20 mb each). Communication Studies, a portfolio for Communication Studies should include evidence of excellence in debate or forensics, participation in a political or organizational campaign, or creative internet work (such as a screenplay, an audio or video project, or a documentary). To add context to achievements, applicants are encouraged to submit a resume. Debate/Forensics: Provide a list of achievements and awards. Political or organizational campaigns: Provide a narrative of your participation or letters of recommendation from members of the campaign. Production: Submit a narrative, non-fiction, or interactive work (audio or video) between evernote 5 to 10 minutes in length; a completed screenplay not more than 30 pages in length; or a documentary film between 5 to 15 minutes in length. Provide up to 5 items: video (up to 120 mb each audio (up to 30 mb each and pdfs (up to 10 mb each). You may also link to media from or soundCloud.

game design personal statement

Students who cannot attend campus auditions may submit an audition video using. Architecture, portfolios should demonstrate talent in visual, spatial, or organizational representation, craft and conceptual thinking through drawing, photography, digital graphics, drafting, modeling, or artwork of all types. Provide 5-10 items that may include separate images files (up to 5 mb each video (up to 60 mb each) and pdfs (up to 20 mb each). You may also link to media from and Vimeo. Art / Media arts design. Your portfolio should include your best original work in a variety of media that reveal your ability to choose fascinating subjects, master technical skills, and explore interesting ideas. No particular subject matter or style is required or expected. Portfolios are evaluated for evidence of a curious mind at work and your creative investigation of mediums, experimental manipulation of form and diligent development of technique.

Because we are not a conservatory, your admission to northeastern is not exclusively talent-based. But auditioning can help to enhance your admissions profile and increase your merit-based financial aid if you are accepted. Please prepare two contrasting monologues and, if you wish, 16 bars of a song. Your monologue selections should be no longer than a total of 3 minutes in length combined. We recommend that you select contemporary monologues and only do a classic piece if that is your particular strength or interest. Choose pieces that have meaning to you; we are looking for honesty and a strong commitment to what you are doing. Please check the theatre website or contact Jesse hinson: for more information. .

Please note: Portfolios to majors outside of the college of Arts, media and. Design will not be reviewed in the admission process. Also, beginning with applicants for Spring 2018, a portfolio is no longer required for Music Technology. Scholarships, new for Spring and Fall 2018 applicants! All students who submit portfolios will be considered essay for scholarships, ranging from 5,000-20,000 annually. . The camd creative leaders scholarship identifies and celebrates applicants with exceptional skills in communications and the arts. . All students who submit portfolios will be automatically considered during the application review process. . Applicants who are awarded a creative leaders scholarship exemplify the entrepreneurial and creative spirit of the college and typically have either extraordinary ability in a focused area taught within camd, or have interdisciplinary interests combining fields within camd and throughout the university in creative ways.

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Portfolio submissions, typically, a portfolio is dream submitted under an applicants intended field of study, but applicants should submit their portfolio to whichever field is relative to their current body of work. For example, a student applying to communication Studies who has a strong photography portfolio would submit the portfolio to Art. Students are highly encouraged to submit portfolios for all camd majors and combined majors. However, Studio art is the only program that requires a portfolio. The portfolio review process is an excellent opportunity for camd applicants to introduce themselves to faculty and staff evaluators. In addition to artistic and creative talent, we are looking for students who want to take advantage of camd and Northeasterns myriad academic and professional opportunities. Applicants are encouraged to complete all forms when submitting a portfolio, including their Academic Profile, media uploads, and. Please see, slideroom for more detailed information on each of these areas. Applicants are limited to one portfolio submission; additional submissions will not be reviewed.

game design personal statement
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  4. Games Design (Distance learning) ma school of Art, design and. For entry to the course is to establish -through a written personal statement -why candidates want. Use this sample art and design personal statement to provide an example of what a great art and design personal statement needs. Read this for inspiration.

  5. Layout/ design : 2-3 pages; Personal Statement. Games Design, bA (Hons) course menu. Games, personal Game, development;.

  6. Im going to be applying for animation/ game art and design courses and im trying to write a personal statement. However most of the examples ive read and. Portfolios and Auditions All students. Game design should include 1-5 portfolio pieces.

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