Is globalization inevitable essay

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S, so immigrants can slowly accustom themselves from their food to another. Another part that helps immigrants empower to American culture is family values that American people have learned from immigrants. Unlike america where family, community, religion, or organization is minor to the rights of individuals, some other cultures, especially Asian cultures believe family is the best place where children can be supported and loved by their very profound parents hearts. Of course, children also love and help their parents with all their best when their parents are old. The interactions between each member occur permanently. The nuclear family structure (parents and children) have become so familiar in society.

Some food which is considered as essay typical dishes of Americans originally comes from many other areas, and American cooks and chefs have substantially modified them over many years. As we know now, these foods integrate in the culinary planner world as the American particular dishes. Hot dogs and hamburgers are two good examples for the integration. They were brought to America by immigrants from Germany, and certainly in our modern life today, these two dishes themselves are known as the American typical food. In addition, Asian food also plays an important role in the style of American cuisine. Asia has lots of immigrants coming to America, and they have brought many cultural features of each region of each country. Asian food has no small influence on the culinary life of the American people. Asia has a wide variety of food, and each country has its national dish reserved for immigrants of its country, and of course also for the United States or any people who feel interested in Asian food. There are many types of well-known food from different countries in the. Such as Thailand (Curry south Korea (Korean noodle japan (Sushi, tempura china (Egg foo young, Egg Rolls vietnam (Spring Roll, vietnamese noodle soup with beef). Now food has becomes an especially cultural element in the.

is globalization inevitable essay

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However, how can an immigrant strange get these things if he or she has a fear of the unfamiliar culture? I believe that only when an immigrant feels possible and confident about his or her basic routine or custom in this country, such as food, family value, and religion, he or she can get involved into the new culture. Therefore, the most significant thing an immigrant needs to learn after coming to America is overcoming the culture shock to empower to American culture by understanding how especially immigrants have parts in making the American become multicultural. One obvious part that helps immigrants empower to American culture is the cuisine, which is the result of cultural fusion from many different nations and regions. When the first settlers came to America, they brought with them plants and animals from their homeland to produce and supply food. The menu of the United States is varied because of every region. For example, the southern cooking style is strongly influenced by the immigrants from Africa, france, mexico and many other places.

is globalization inevitable essay

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Successful device portfolio;. Collaborating closely with carriers;. Partnering with industry's leading companies. One of the key strategies in surviving in the economic turmoil is to re-invent the business by way of innovative product and services (Fischer, gebauer, fleisch, 2008). Empowering Immigrant to American Culture What should you do if you just came to the United States the first time as an immigrant? What should you begin to learn about American diverse culture? There are many people who essay say that in order to empower oneself in American culture, this person needs to learn American language immediately, to find a job, or to get a car. It seems truly right and very important because these things above are the requirements for everyone in this country.

Steady revenue growth, brand power, strong financial position, flexible capital Structure. Investment in research and development of technology. Reached low operating costs in 2009 consumer retention rate of 55 Product innovation bundled with value added services mainly focusing on maps, music, messaging, media and games. successful mergers, acquisitions and collaborations weaknesses reduced staff strengths to achieve low costs. declining profitability ratio due to current economic conditions decline in the converged device share (by 32 in 2008 despite the shipment of over 60 million units). Opportunities consumer demand for mobile computers new segments such as potential first-time email users in India, Africa, etc consumers attracted to less expensive devices during recession Threats mobile device manufacturers new entrants from the pc and internet industries contraction of the market due to current. Nokia announced plans to cut Operating expenses and cut production overheads by eur500 million at an annualized level by the end of 2011. As part of this effort, the company is conducting a global personnel review, which may lead to headcount reductions in the range of 7 to 9 out of approximately 125,000 employees. Also to reap benefits from the opportunities nokia renewed its business mobility strategy in year 2008 and set out to excel in the following three key areas (International Security counter Terrorism Reference center, 2009.

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is globalization inevitable essay

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Nokia q1 2009 net sales were eur.3 billion. This is enough proof for one to realize how nokias resume presence in each country contributes towards gdp and employment statistics. (nokia, 2009) Finland already commits around.4 percent of its gdp (gross domestic product or 6 billion euro (US8.6 billion to. That compares with the european average of around.8 percent. Around 28 percent of this is paid for by the government, with the lion's share-72 percent-being footed by the private sector.

Nokia accounts for 45 percent of all industrial r d in Finland and more than 80 percent of the r d investment in the telecommunications sector (Blau, 2008). Time marches on and history has proven that standing still best means death for any company (Bradford, duncan, tarcy, 2000). Change is inevitable for telecommunication industry and the size doesnt matter even for a company like nokia if it is not adoptive. Based on strategies and events of 2008-09, lets look at the swot analysis of nokia. Swot analysis will help a firm to understand its Strengths, weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats. Strengths, long history of flexibility and adoptive to change.

Nokia continues to be the market leader. It is now a huge multi-national company with manufacturing units all over the world. In the highly competitive world of mobile phones, nokia still has a lot of market presence and provides a lot of mobile contracts and will continue to do the same (nokia, 2010). Finland, home of nokia, the world's largest manufacturer of mobile phones, has honed a new innovation plan aimed at keeping the tiny nordic country competitive in an increasingly competitive, global market. In 2006, Olli-pekka kallasvuo, formerly nokias Chief Financial Officer, took over as ceo from Jorma Ollila, who became chairman of nokias board of Directors.

Nokias success has made finland one of the fastest-growing and most prosperous economies in Europe. A company becomes a multinational corporation-mnc when it conducts any business function beyond its domestic borders (Cullen parboteeah, 2010). Internationally nokia has captured markets of over 60 countries in the world where China, india, usa, middle east, Africa, asia, australia and New zealand having largest market shares. It was ranked in 85th place of Fortune 500 list and employees over 125,000 staff (Cable news Network, 2009). "we are expanding our presence and operations in India, not for the local market alone. We want to strengthen our global presence by exploiting the skills found here. said Kullasvuo to Bloomberg when India became the second largest market for nokia surpassing usa in 2007 (Kallasvuo, 2007). This is clear intention of nokias globalization strategy. The sales volumes depict how nokias business arms have spread globally.

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In 1997, the first mobile to feature nokia's classic Snake game was launched, the nokia 6110. 1998 was the year wallpaper when nokia became the world leader in mobile phones. The year 1999, was very significant as the Internet went mobile when the world's first wap handset, nokia 7110 was launched. 2002 save saw the launch of nokia's first 3G phones, the nokia 6650. Nokia launched the n-gage in 2003. It helped in making the mobile gaming multi-players. Another significant year in the history of nokia was 2005 when the Nseries was introduced. In the same year, nokia sold its billionth phone.

is globalization inevitable essay

In the final beginning of the 20th century finnish Rubber Works established its factories and began using nokia as its brand. The companies merged in 1967 as nokia corporation, which went on to produce paper products, bicycles, car tires, footwear, personal computers, communication cables and televisions. It was not until 1987 that nokia introduced one of the worlds first handheld phones, the mobira cityman 900. It weighed only.8 kg and cost 4,650. In 1992 Jorma Ollila became the President and ceo of nokia and focused the company on telecommunications. Nokia launched its first gsm handset in 1992, the nokia 1011. In 1994, the first mobile to feature the nokia tune the nokia 2100 was launched. In the same year, world's first satellite call was done using one of nokia's gsm handsets.

high-end swanky phones with all the latest features. The purpose of this paper is to briefly look at nokias impact on the international business under the following topics: nokias market entry strategy: Marketing Mix, Branding, plc. Foreign Direct Investment, foreign Exchange Impact over international Trade of nokia. Culture of nokia and csr, this will help to understand how nokias way fits in to the theories of International Business and what strategy put it on the top of mobile phone market. Introduction: nokias background, nokia was founded by Fredrik idestam in 1865 as a wood-pulp mill in south-western Finland. It was later relocated to the town nokia where the company got its name. The name nokia is an old Finnish word for a dark, furry animal (such as the sable).

Mergers, collaborations and Acquisitions by nokia. Foreign Exchange market Impact over nokia. Summary, references, abstract, the mobile phone usage is increasing every day, revolutionizing the field of technology and our lives throughout the world. We all spend a considerable amount of time using our mobile phone for various purposes making it the technical innovation that we use most frequently. Nokia is one of the biggest brands in Telecommunications Industry globally. It enjoys a market share of around 35 at the moment. The thank finland based company nokia caters to gsm as well as cdma segments.

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Korea university, graduate School of International Studies, globalization Strategy of nokia. Professor: Dong ki kim, course: Global marketing management, prepared by mykhailova, karolina (Sogang University Student). ID: I25004, november 8, 2010, contents, abstract. Introduction: nokias background. Role of nokia on the telecommunication market. Market Entry Strategy of nokia. Nokias essay Foreign Direct Investment.

is globalization inevitable essay
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Philip roth nemesis essay writing. Globalization is an inevitable issue in the world, which brings boundaries between the countries much more close. Change is inevitable for telecommunication industry and the size doesnt matter even.

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