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The other families were soon absorbed, and New Reno became a prime tourist location for the new republic. In the decades after the alliance, several Bishops rose to political power and were instrumental in the passage of several amendments protecting gambling rights and prostitution. Salvatores take control of New Reno using Enclave weapons Requirements: leave the salvatore family in control. The salvatore family of New Reno, having profited from their ties to navarro, used their laser weaponry to burn the other families into submission. The resultant massacre was dubbed "Ash Friday" and is still celebrated in New Reno to this day. Mordinos takes control of New Reno, jet addiction spreads Requirements: leave the mordino family in control, don't get ending. The mordino family grew greatly in power as jet's influence spread across Northern California.

After their victory, they sent out many messengers across Northern California looking for their founder, but without success. Many felt that the founder had been taken by the fortune spirits and now dwelled homework in a golden casino paradise in the sky. Bishop child Requirements: Male character, impregnate either Bishop woman and leave her alive, but don't tell Mrs. Bishop to move. Not long after the destruction of the Enclave, the bishop Family of New Reno was blessed with a child. This child seemed to have little in common with the bishops, preferring instead to spend his days exploring the wastes. When he turned thirteen, report he seized control of the bishop Family and led them to victory over the remaining New Reno families. He died quietly in his sleep at the age of seventy-three, never having known his real father. Bishops take control, new Reno joins the ncr requirements: leave the bishop family in control. The bishop Family of New Reno rose to prominence over the next few years, forming a strong political alliance with the new California republic and vault City. Many mysterious deaths and closed-door proceedings surrounded the formation of the alliance, but in the end, new Reno became part of the 'civilized' world.

paper towns sequel

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No lights shine there now, the streets home only to small packs of wild dogs and vultures. The desert tribes avoid the giant graveyard, claiming the city is haunted by evil spirits. Some say the destruction of New Reno was a judgment from a higher power. Tribals arise requirements: Impregnate either Bishop woman and leave her alive, and tell Mrs. Bishop she should move. In the years following the destruction of the Enclave, a new family arose in New Reno, following the example of a simple tribal that had once visited their city. They were few in number but surprisingly resourceful. Driven by religious fervor, they took control of New Reno and put the other families to the spear.

paper towns sequel

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The slaughter of vault City has become the stuff of legend. One day it was a thriving community, and the next, the bodies of its Citizens lay strewn throughout the streets. It looked as if raiders had sacked the city, but no bodies of the attackers were ever found. Their vault was plundered of all its technology, and refugees from Gecko soon moved into the broken walls of the city. Vc destroyed, rebuilt by ghouls Requirements: Fix the power plant, turn vault City hostile. Their vault was plundered of all its technology, and the inhabitants of Gecko soon moved into the broken walls of the city. In a few short months, they had rebuilt the city and restored much of the systems that had been damaged by the raiders. Everyone dead Requirements: All four of the family bosses are dead. The inhabitants of New Reno were slaughtered, and the city collapsed into ruin.

Will there be a sequel to the book, paper, towns by john

paper towns sequel

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He immediately set limits for years ncr's expansion north, and in a landmark settlement, passed an amendment that formally recognized vault City's independence. Shortly after this settlement, westin suffered a heart attack and retired from politics. He moved north to vault City for medical treatment and eventually married joann Lynette in the following year. Vc invaded by ncr requirements: Fix the power plant, don't bring the account book or Bishop's holodisk to lynette. In the years to come, vault City suffered greatly from raider attacks. Eventually, the situation grew so desperate the citizens were forced to request aid from ncr. Within a month, a large detachment of the ncr's military was stationed in vault City.

The military presence quickly became an occupation force, and vault City became the first of ncr's border territories. Vc joins the ncr requirements: Fix the power plant, kill the raiders and bring the account book or Bishop's holodisk to lynette. (This ending is given paper if not getting 2 for any reason,. Westin is dead or the reward picked.) In the years following the destruction of the Enclave, vault City continued to stagnate, choking on its own isolationism. Its vault 8 generator, which was never intended to support such a large population, prevented vault City's necessary expansion. Eventually, the city was absorbed by ncr, which had spread steadily northwards since its founding. Vc destroyed Requirements : Turn vault City hostile.

The den becomes raider central Requirements: Metzger is alive, but Big Jesus Mordino is dead. Metzger's business in the slave trade soon fades with the removal of the mordino family. The den continues to attract criminals, and Metzger's business practices delve further into drugs and prostitution. The den soon becomes a rallying point and a safe haven for raiders in the region. The den becomes slaver central Requirements: Both Metzger and Big Jesus Mordino are alive.

Sawyer's Fallout Role-Playing Game (not confirmed as canon) Metzger's slave trade in the den expanded greatly, giving him influence and power throughout most of the area. Breeding pens are started and eventually no one is safe from the threat of being enslaved. Travelers avoid the den, hearing of the evils committed within its walls. Population driven to ncr by radiation Requirements: Don't fix the power plant. Over the next few years, the background radiation from Gecko 's power plant began to cause mutations in the vault City population, forcing the citizens to relocate to ncr. Ncr, however, recalling past animosity, relegated the vault City refugees to the status of second class citizens. Vc independent, westin and Lynette marry requirements: Fix the power plant, kill the raiders, expose bishop's plan, and deliver the two holodisks but do not collect the final reward from Randal (bug and both Roger Westin joanne lynette are alive. The correspondence between ncr and vault City continued, and a few years after the destruction of the Enclave, roger Westin assumed the head of the ncr council.

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Even though the residents of Modoc attempted to weather the drought, their dreams along with make their crops withered to dust. The den disperses, requirements: Both Metzger and Rebecca are dead. Without any viable economy, the den soon vanishes into the wasteland. The den flourishes Requirements: Metzger is dead, rebecca is alive. With Metzger gone, slavery disappears from the area. Becky's Casino bar grows quickly, and Rebecca dyer's reputation as a honest casino and bar owner brought her the business needed to buy out her competition and expand. The den flourishes, and it soon gains a reputation for being a tough, but honest, community.

paper towns sequel

Over the next several years, the people of Modoc therapy either move away or die of starvation. Modoc flourishes, requirements: make peace between Modoc and the Slags. Relations between the Slags and residents of Modoc flourished. Between the two peoples, modoc prospers and becomes a major farming community, supplying all the outlying regions with food. note: In any versions of, fallout 2 that lack children, one quest cannot be solved to ensure peace. The gog version (which is the us version) is free of this problem. Modoc disperses due to drought. Requirements : Don't deliver the message and don't kill the Slags. The drought lasts for another seven long years.

Slags' underground city. The Slags are quickly defeated, and the modoc residents slaughter every man, woman, and child they find. Rumor of this vicious attack spreads far and wide, and fear motivates Modoc's neighbors to attack and destroy the town. Modoc disperses after Slags' destruction. Requirements: Kill the Slags, or deliver the message and immediately refuse to do any more. The extermination of the Slags only created new problems for Modoc. Unable to find the Slags underground cistern that sustains the crops, modoc is hit hard by the resultant drought.

Arroyo's elder lived for many years after the destruction of the Enclave. She was pleased that strange the ancient separation between vault 13 and the. Vault Dweller had been reconciled, and many were the times she told you that she wished the vault Dweller were alive to have seen the reconciliation take place. The Elder passed away in her sleep, certain that the safety of your new village had been secured and was now flourishing. Many of the older Arroyo residents believe that she now lives in the vault of the sky, telling the vault Dwellers of your brave deeds. It is possible to void this ending entirely if the Elder dies while on the oil Rig. Losing the game only occurs should she die in Arroyo.

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Fandom in: Fallout 2 cutscenes, english, arroyo re-settled using. No requirements: This is the default ending. After the Enclave's destruction, the refugees of Arroyo and. Vault 13 resettled, building a new community with the aid of the. Garden of Eden Creation Kit. Finding themselves hundreds of miles from their vault, the members of vault 13 chose to join the villagers in establishing a new community, and their technical expertise, combined with the villagers survival skills, allowed the new settlement paper to grow and prosper. Two generations of the same bloodline were re-united, and their savior, the. Chosen One, became Elder, presiding over the village in the years to come. Elder dies peacefully, requirements: The Elder is alive.

paper towns sequel
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  1. Requirements: Kill the Slags, or deliver the message and immediately refuse to do any more. Spanking stories with school and domestic themes. The judicial officer returns to school by katie hammond. The sound which started so faintly grew louder and louder, invading my other-worldly dream.

  2. Additional features include: rpg and puzzle-solving gameplay elements, hit point. Paper Mario: Sticker Star is an action-adventure, role-playing game for the nintendo 3DS developed by Intelligent the fourth installment in the paper Mario series, it is the first Paper Mario title to be released for a handheld console. It is the successor to paper Mario, paper Mario: The Thousand-year door and Super Paper Mario, and is the predecessor of Paper Mario: Color Splash. Requirements: Deliver the message, then offer to help but fail, or join the people of Modoc in an attack on the Slags.

  3. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Paper Mario: Sticker Star. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. Paper Mario: Sticker Star is turn-based Action-Adventure game, for Nintendo 3DS that uses the handheld's 3D capabilities to bring the visual style of the paper Mario game franchise to life like never before. Players must collect, purchase, and create stickers to use in battles to stop Bowser from ruining things.

  4. Paper Mario has the player taking control of Mario on his quest to rescue princess peach and save the mushroom Kingdom from Bowser, who has stolen the mythical Star. World Without End is a best-selling 2007 novel by welsh author Ken is the second book in the kingsbridge series, and is the sequel to 1989's The pillars of the earth. World Without End takes place in the same fictional town as Pillars of the earth — kingsbridge — and features the descendants of some pillars characters 157 years later. The plot incorporates two major historical.

  5. The Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall is a fantasy open-world action role-playing video game developed and published by bethesda softworks and released in 1996 for is a sequel to The Elder Scrolls: Arena and the second installment in The Elder Scrolls series. On July 9, 2009, bethesda made daggerfall available as a free, legal download on their website, commemorating the 15th anniversary. Paper Mario, known as Mario story ( Mario sutōrī) in Japan, is a role-playing game developed by Intelligent Systems for the nintendo 64, and was later re-released for the ique player and Virtual Console.

  6. the owners of Flint Audio video were arrested Friday and charged in an investigation of illegal sharing and accessing of customers' nude photos, state police said. Justice Smith, Actor: Paper Towns. Justice Smith was born on August 9, 1995 in Los Angeles, california, usa as Justice Elio smith. He is an actor, known for Paper Towns (2015 The get Down (2016) and Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom (2018).

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