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Editorial Assistant; preparing all promo spots and submitting graphics assets for final delivery on 3 of Sony pictures Television's networks: Sony movie channel, cine sony television, and GetTV. Assistant Editor responsibilities including capturing hd and sd tapes, pulling selects for promos, syncing audio stems to picture, importing updated graphics into project files, re-linking offline media. Collaborating with On Air Producers and Mastering Editors to produce high quality television content. Candor Entertainment, west Hollywood, ca; August 2013 - september 2013. Assistant Editor, television Post-Production, six Little McGhees, season 1b, oprah Winfrey network 2013; prepared episodes for network delivery. Provided technical checks on episodes, including graphics, media management, and blurring content Assisted with all areas of the online edit of every episode prior to being sent off to the network to air Undertow Films, los Angeles, ca; may 20 Junior Editor, television Post-Production Airplane.

Assistant Editor, television Post-Production, assisted Online department; prepared television shows for network delivery; output shows to tape. Quality control; checked title safe, lower thirds, graphics, commercial breaks, timecode accuracy, relinked offline media, tested audio sync, media berkeley managed project files, and reviewed technical troubleshooting. Editing responsibilities; fixed errors within editor's sequences and updated episode timing sheets. Blue collar Productions, west Hollywood, ca; September 2014. Assistant Editor, feature film television Marketing. Assisting in post-production with preparing footage and sequences for offline and online editors. Addressing client notes with pulling selects, exporting cuts for client delivery, and media management; relinking offline media in project sequences from tape, source drives and server. Ingesting, transcoding, and labeling footage into project files; upressing low resolution sequences. Collaborating with post-production producers and editors to prepare electronic press kits for clients. Sony pictures Television, culver City, ca; October 2013 - august 2014. Junior Editor, television On Air Promotions.

television editor resume

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Editor, television development, edited sizzle reels for multiple reality television shows in development to be pitched to major networks. Assistant Editor responsibilities ingesting footage, adding b-roll, and selecting music cues. Collaborated with Executive producer and Director of development on notes for sizzle reels. Bandwagon-Media, north Hollywood, ca; July 2014 - september 2015. Editor, commercials tree sizzle reels, edited multiple commercials and sizzle reels for clients including Lycos and Bullpen Marketing. Assistant Editor responsibilities; organized footage, added b-roll, exports, and selected music cues. Collaborated with Executive producers and applied client notes on all video projects. Entertainment Studios, century city, ca; October 2014 - august 2015.

television editor resume

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Assistant Editor responsibilities; logged lto tape, maintained harddrives inventory, contacted vendors. Jlb media, burbank, ca; may 2016. Junior Editor, corporate videos, edited video cuts to client notes, added in graphics, selected music cues, and collaborated with editors. Ingested and synced raw footage; exported cuts, media management, and quality checked final outputs. Dreamworkstv, santa monica, ca; January 20Lead Assistant Editor, Short Form Web Content. Edited resume in-progress cuts of shows to producers and directors notes, added music cues, and cut-downs. Ingested, synced, and grouping raw footage; exports, media management, and assisted all editors. Collaborated on implementing new workflows, file organization structure, and naming conventions. Langley productions, santa monica, ca; September 2015 - december 2015.

Trained reporters in a multi-ethnic and conflict environment for programs in three languages and supervised writing, production and broadcast. Legendary pictures, burbank, ca; October 20Digital Asset Manager, feature film Post-Production. Assisted visual effects team on Godzilla: King of the monsters film; managed, delivered and quality checked assets. Organized all files on visual effects storage server; kept track of all visual effects shots received and delivered. Sony pictures, culver City, ca; January 2017 - october 2017. Editorial Assistant, feature film Post-Production, assisted editorial team on Jumanji: Welcome to the jungle film; managed, delivered and quality checked assets. Assistant Editor responsibilities; ingested audio clips, logged footage, quality-checked cut versions. Legendary pictures, burbank, ca; June 2016 - january 2017. Editorial Assistant, feature film Post-Production, assisted editorial team on The Great Wall film; managed, delivered and quality checked assets.

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television editor resume

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For print, radio, tv to multi-national student body. Us state department, Africa regional Services,1997 Present. Trainer, lecturer and consultant for journalism. Media training programs for practicing maker professionals on site in African countries. Lecturing in African universities. Video training classes out of ars offices in Paris. Subjects : newsroom management, reporting for professional journalists, online journalism, ethics for print, radio,.

Fondation Hirondelle ngo, person democratic Republic of Congo, jan. Station manager and journalist trainer. Radio okapi, a joint project with the United Nations in a war environment. Managed multi- ethnic teams for programs in seven national languages. Trained and managed Congolese reporters. Fondation Hirondelle ngo, khartoum, sudan, summer 2006. Mirya fm radio, a joint project with the United Nations.

Print, radio, tv, internet writing and blogging. Large experience in working within cross-cultural environments and conflict zones. France television / France o / aitv, paris, France, senior producer, reporter, assignment editor, anchor, copy editor. Directed multi-lingual and ethnic news teams, camera crews, for stories in English and French destined to French, African, middle east, south and south East Asian tv stations for re- broadcast. Editing, script writing and live commentary on satellite feed.

Radio france Internationale, paris, France, english Service, europe service. Reporter, copy editor, anchor, sports commentator. English Service: directed news teams, produced and anchored a daily news program destined for an international audience. Produced a weekly radio sports magazine. Europe service: worked with an international news team to produce a program on European affairs in three languages. American University of Paris, paris, France. Adjunct Professor, Global Communications Department. Taught journalism, news Writing and Reporting, Ethics, comparative journalism, media and War, Broadcast News Writing, etc.

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I fulfilled the Producing Minor requirements under the guidance of these outstanding professors write who are all working professionals in the industry: Creative fundraising Prof. Wilder Knight, entertainment attorney legal Aspects of the Entertainment Industry Prof. Rosalind Lichter, entertainment attorney media moguls of the 20th Century Prof. Leon Falk, producer Producing Essentials Prof. Sharon Badal, producer, Tribeca film Festival shorts programmer Producing for Television Prof. Andrew Susskind, producer, director Producing the Short Screenplay prof. Wendy bednarz, director Strategies for Independent Producing Prof. 35 years experience : management, producer, media trainer, lecturer, consultant.

television editor resume

Creating prospectus materials and promotional websites. Creating budgets, tracking receipts, and preparing daily expense reports. Preparing grant and fiscal sponsorship applications. Scheduling and running casting sessions, scheduling shoots and overseeing sets, preparing location contract agreements; securing locations with state film commissions. Communicating with equipment, prop, and vehicle rental houses. Films, mirror Mirror, writer, director, Producer, Editor, Production Designer (16mm short). A return to Shallot, writer, director, Producer, Editor, Production Designer (minidv short). The rainbow Garden, producer, cinematographer, sound Designer, Production Designer (minidv short). Wake pdf producer (16mm short, directed by Brittany newsome) Big country Blues On-Set Production Manager (web series, directed by Brian Ross jonathan Rippon) souvenir Producer, Editor (16mm short, directed by noga Pnueli) Sweet Jesus Producer (16mm short, directed by Swati kapila) Personal Space Invaders Producer (16mm.

After starting as an intern, i was promoted to a research assistant position through the end of research on the series. Northern Lights Post: Intern (2006 as an intern at this boutique post-production facility, i worked in client services and assisted the editors in the machine room with blanking, cloning, and logging tapes. The cannes Film Festival Work-Study Program (2006). As an intern with the American pavilion Work-Study Program, i collaborated with other students in producing a short documentary and broadcast about the film festival in a competition sponsored by Adobe. My team was recognized for "Distinguished Documentary" and "Distinguished Broadcast". Usda ars srrc: Documentarian (2003-'05 working during the summer as a documentarian and videographer, i interviewed dozens of scientists to film, edit, and produce a series of videos documenting the research and cultural diversity at the United States Department of Agriculture southern Regional Research Center. Producing Experience, i have produced more than half a dozen short films with budgets ranging from 3,000 to 65,000 dollars. As a producer, my responsibilities have included: Filing insurance and sag paperwork.

I continue to maintain the welcome Change websites and have designed many of the company's graphics - postcards, posters, buttons, dvds, and brochures. Nickelodeon: Freelance researcher (2008 as a freelance researcher for "Team Umizoomi a nick. Educational animated series, i analyzed data and helped conduct research in the tri-state area with preschoolers to test the appeal and comprehension of episodes in development. IQrious: Content Writer (2008 iqrious, a jerusalem-based start-up aims to transform the way people use the web into a new knowledge-exploration experience. As a content writer for the company's beta launch, i wrote a series of media-focused tutorials on topics ranging from Alice in Wonderland (. Alice's Adventures dream in Popular Culture ) to the Writer's Strike of 2007 ( 100 days of Silence ). Mediakidz research and Consulting: Researcher (2008). As a freelance researcher, i helped conduct summative research with elementary school kids on "Panwapa Island a new interactive website and video series from creators Sesame Street and partner Merrill Lynch.

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Awards recognition, add education, nickelodeon: Production coordinator (2010-'11 as a production coordinator for "Team Umizoomi i coordinate between the production, research, storyboard, design, and animation departments to make sure that notes taken during production meetings are carried out through all stages of production. I am the official reader for all storybooks presented to preschoolers during our research sessions. Nickelodeon: Research coordinator / Research Analyst (2009-'10). As research coordinator and analyst for "Team Umizoomi an educational animated preschool series, i coordinated with schools to conduct research with preschoolers to test the appeal and comprehension of episodes in development. I analyzed the data collected from these focus group sessions and maintained a database of the curriculum games played in each episode. Welcome Change Productions: Assistant Producer / Graphic Designer (2007-'09). As an assistant producer for documentary filmmaker Alice Elliott's production company, i managed the office, answered phones and emails, prepared shipments, made travel arrangements, and coordinated with film festivals and conferences.

television editor resume
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The editor evaluates the writers' work, samples presented and other material received from different sources to select subjects and. and rdi television Networks, q factory Productions for movie trailer Music Productions, tonal Injection Film and tv promo library, and.

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  1. Filming 30 minute tv episodes on travel, adventure, and nature exploration for television and web. film and television editor /director and content producer with over 20 years experience in the los Angeles post-production community. Entertainment Studios, century city, ca; October 2014 - august 2015 Assistant. as assignment editor for hoopla, a weekly arts and entertainment magazine, until it became a part of the newspaper; formerly assignment.

  2. Jessie marion is a film editor in los angeles california. Jessie marion is also known for editing television in los angeles, california. Kazolias Profile Experience American bi-lingual journalist. 35 years experience : management, producer, media trainer.

  3. Television, editor, resume, sample we collect this best photo from internet and choose one of the best for you, you can see. Divine design with Candice Olson lifestyle. Editor, fusion, television, inc. w network, hgtv usa 2008.

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