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24 However, Streep declined the role, 24 Damon opted out, 24 and the other roles were recast due to the delays. Spielberg also offered the role of Witwer to javier Bardem, who turned it down. 25 Technology edit main article: Technologies in Minority report After. T., spielberg started to consult experts, and put more scientific research into his science fiction films. 26 In 1999, he invited fifteen experts convened by peter Schwartz and Stewart Brand to a hotel in Santa monica for a three-day "think tank". He wanted to consult with the group to create a plausible "future reality" for the year 2054 as opposed to a more traditional "science fiction" setting.

16 However, that film ran over schedule, which also allowed Spielberg time to bring in screenwriter Scott Frank help to rework cohen's screenplay. 8 20 John August did an uncredited draft to polish the script, 21 and Frank darabont was also invited to rewrite, but was by then busy with The majestic. 22 The film closely follows Frank's final script (written may 16, 2001 and contains much of Cohen's third draft (may 24, 1997). 9 Frank removed the character of Senator Malcolm from Cohen's screenplay, and inserted Burgess, who became the "bad guy". He also rewrote witwer from a villain to a "good guy as he was in the short story. 14 In contrast to Spielberg's next science fiction picture, war of the worlds, which he called "100 percent character" driven, Spielberg said the story for Minority report became "fifty percent character and fifty percent very complicated storytelling with layers and layers of murder mystery and. They won a partial victory; they were not given writing credits, but were listed as executive producers. 7 The film was delayed again so Spielberg could finish. After the death of his friend Stanley kubrick. 23 When Spielberg originally signed on to direct, he planned to have an entirely different supporting cast. He offered the role of Witwer to matt Damon, iris Hineman to meryl Streep, burgess to ian McKellen, agatha to cate Blanchett, and Lara to jenna Elfman.

the bfg book report

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15 In 1998, the pair joined Minority report and announced the production as a joint venture of Spielberg's DreamWorks and Amblin Entertainment, 20th Century fox, cruise's Cruise/Wagner Productions, and de bont's production company, blue tulip. 16 Spielberg however stated that despite being credited, de bont never became involved with the film. 17 Cruise and Spielberg, at the latter's insistence, 18 reportedly agreed to each take 15 of the gross instead of any money up front to try to keep the film's budget under 100 million. 19 Spielberg said he had done the same with name actors in the past to great success: " Tom Hanks took no way cash for saving Private ryan but he made a lot of money on his profit participation." 18 he made this agreement a prerequisite. I haven't taken a salary in 18 years for a movie, so if my film makes no money i get no money. They should be prepared to do the same. Production was delayed for several years; the original plan was to begin filming after Cruise's Mission: Impossible 2 was finished.

the bfg book report

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7 novelist Jon Cohen was hired in 1997 to adapt the story for a potential film version that would have been directed by dutch filmmaker Jan de bont. 8 9 meanwhile, cruise and Spielberg, who met and became friends on the set of Cruise's film Risky business in 1983, 10 had been looking to collaborate for ten years. 11 12 Spielberg was set to direct Cruise in rain Man, but left to make indiana jones and the last Crusade. 10 Cruise read Cohen's script, and passed it onto Spielberg, who felt it needed some work. Spielberg was not directly involved in the writing of the script; however, he was allowed to decide whether the picture's screenplay was ready to be filmed. When Cohen submitted an acceptable revision, he called Cruise and said, "Yeah, i'll do this version of the script." 9 13 In that version, witwer creates a false disk which shows Anderton killing him. When Anderton sees the clip, his belief in the infallibility of the precogs' visions convinces him it is true, therefore the precogs have a vision of him killing Witwer. At the end, Anderton shoots Witwer and one of the brother precogs finishes him off, because witwer had slain his twin. 14 Spielberg was attracted to the story because as both a mystery and a movie set 50 years in the future, it allowed him to do "a blending of genres" which intrigued him.

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the bfg book report

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A homework new report is generated at PreCrime: Burgess will kill Anderton. Burgess corners Anderton, and explains that as he could not afford to let lively take agatha back without impacting PreCrime, he arranged to kill lively following an actual attempt on her life, so that the murder would appear as an echo to the technician within. Anderton points out Burgess's dilemma: If Burgess kills Anderton, he will be imprisoned for life, but PreCrime will be validated; if he spares Anderton, PreCrime will be discredited and shut down. Anderton reveals the ultimate flaw of the system: once people are aware of their future, they are able to change. After Burgess's death, the PreCrime system is shut down. All the prisoners are unconditionally pardoned and released, although they are kept under occasional surveillance. Anderton and Lara are soon to have a new child together.

The Precogs are sent to an undisclosed location to live their lives in peace. Members of the cast of Minority report. Clockwise from top left; Stormare, mcDonough, farrell, Cruise, morton, and Von Sydow Production edit development edit dick's story was first optioned by producer and writer Gary goldman in 1992. 5 he created the initial script for the film with Ron Shusett and Robert goethals (uncredited). 6 It was supposed to be a sequel to the 1990 Dick adaptation Total Recall, which starred Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Crow however begs to be killed, having been hired to plant the photos and be killed in exchange for his family's financial well being. Crow grabs Anderton's gun and pushes the trigger, killing himself. Anderton and Agatha flee to lara's house outside the city for refuge. There they learn lively was Agatha's drug-addicted mother who sold her to PreCrime. Lively had sobered up and attempted to reclaim Agatha, but was murdered. Anderton realizes he is being targeted for knowing about lively's existence and her connection to Agatha.

Witwer, studying Crow's death, suspects Anderton is being framed. He examines the footage of lively's murder and finds there were two attempts on her life, the first having been stopped by PreCrime but the second, occurring minutes later, having succeeded. Witwer reports this to the director and founder of PreCrime, lamar Burgess, but Burgess responds by killing Witwer using Anderton's gun. With the Precogs still offline, the murder is not detected. Lara calls Burgess to reveal that Anderton is with her, and Anderton is captured, accused of both murders, and fitted with the brain device that puts him permanently into a dreamlike sleep. As his body is deposited into the prison, the warden tells him, "that all your dreams come true". Agatha is reconnected to the PreCrime system. While attempting to comfort Lara, burgess accidentally reveals himself as lively's murderer. Lara frees Anderton from stasis, and Anderton exposes Burgess at a preCrime celebratory banquet by playing the full video of Agatha's vision of Burgess killing lively.

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Anderton goes to a black market doctor for a risky eye transplant so as to avoid the citywide optical recognition system. He returns to PreCrime and kidnaps Agatha, shutting down the system, as the Precogs operate as a group mind. Anderton takes Agatha to a hacker to extract the minority report of leo crow, but none exists; instead, Agatha shows him an image of the murder of Ann lively, a woman who was drowned by a hooded figure in 2049. These are the first two of a number of plot holes. 1) After his eye transplant, Anderton is restaurant able to access PreCrime using his own eyeballs because even though PreCrime are looking for him, they haven't revoked his access. 2) Agatha has been kept in a pool of water for years, yet she can get up and run about without postural hypotension or muscle wastage. Anderton and Agatha go to Crow's hotel room as the 36-hour time nears, finding numerous photos of children, including sean's. Crow arrives and Anderton prepares to kill him, accusing him of being a serial child killer. Agatha talks Anderton out of shooting Crow by telling him that he has the ability to choose his future now that he is aware.

the bfg book report

Since the disappearance of his son sean, PreCrime captain John Anderton has both separated from his wife lara and become a drug addict. While United States Department of Justice agent Danny witwer is auditing the program, the Precogs generate a new prediction, implying Anderton will murder a man named leo crow in 36 hours. Anderton does not know Crow, but flees the area as Witwer begins a manhunt. Anderton seeks the advice. Iris Hineman, the creator of PreCrime technology. She reveals that sometimes, one of the Precogs, usually Agatha, has a different vision than the other two, a "minority report" of a possible alternate future; this has been kept a secret as it would damage the system's credibility. Anderton resolves to recover the minority report to prove his innocence.

films of 2002 and was nominated for several awards. It received an Academy Award nomination for Best sound Editing, and eleven Saturn Award nominations, including Best Actor, best Supporting Actor, and Saturn Award for Best Music, winning Best Science fiction Film, best Direction, best Writing, and Best Supporting Actress. The film was a commercial success, earning over 358 million worldwide against an overall budget of 142 million (including advertising). Over four million dvds were sold in its first few months of home release. Contents In April 2054, washington, dc 's PreCrime police stops murderers before they act, reducing the murder rate to zero. Murders are predicted using three mutated humans, called "Precogs who "previsualize" crimes by receiving visions of the future. Would-be murderers are imprisoned in their own happy virtual reality. The federal government is on the verge of adopting the controversial program.

3, spielberg has characterized the story as "fifty percent character and fifty percent very complicated storytelling with layers and layers of murder mystery and plot". 4, the film's central theme is the question of free will versus determinism. It examines whether free will can exist if the future is set and known in advance. Other themes include the role of preventive government in protecting its citizenry, the role of media in a future state where technological advancements make its presence nearly boundless, the potential legality of an infallible prosecutor, and Spielberg's repeated theme of broken families. The film was first optioned in 1992, as a sequel to another Dick adaptation, total Recall, and started its development in 1997, after a script by jon Cohen reached Spielberg and Cruise. Production suffered many delays due to Cruise's Mission: Impossible 2 and Spielberg's. Running over schedule, eventually starting in March 2001. During pre-production, Spielberg consulted numerous scientists in an attempt to present a more plausible future world than that seen in other science fiction films, and some of the technology designs in the film have proven prescient. Minority report has a unique visual style.

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For 2015 tv series, see, minority report (TV series). Minority report is a 2002 American neo-noir science paper fiction film directed by, steven Spielberg and loosely based on the short story ". The minority report " by, philip. It is set primarily in Washington,. C., and Northern Virginia in the year 2054, where. PreCrime, a specialized police department, apprehends criminals based on foreknowledge provided by three psychics called " precogs ". The cast includes, tom Cruise as Chief of PreCrime john Anderton, colin Farrell as, department of Justice agent Danny witwer, samantha morton as the senior precog Agatha, and. Max von Sydow as Anderton's superior Lamar Burgess. The film combines elements of tech noir, whodunit, thriller and science fiction genres, as well as a traditional chase film, as the main protagonist is accused of a crime he has not committed and becomes a fugitive.

the bfg book report
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Minority report by Philip. is set primarily in Washington,. C., and Northern Virginia in the year 2054, where PreCrime, a specialized police department, apprehends criminals based.

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  1. A young orphan girl, sophie, gets taken away to a faraway land populated by giants and Dreams. An orphan little girl befriends a benevolent giant who takes her to giant country, where they attempt to stop the man-eating giants that are invading the human world. A word search based on the roald dahl book the bfg. Minority report is a 2002 American neo-noir science fiction film directed by Steven Spielberg and loosely based on the short story the.

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