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Will continue through the summer months and a condensed Fluview report will be available. Gov/flu/weekly/ each Friday; though this page will not be updated until publication of the full Fluview for the season resumes on October 12, 2018. Fluview Interactive will be updated over the summer months. Fluview Activity Update (key flu Indicators). Influenza activity in the United States continued to decrease, and is below the national baseline for the seventh consecutive week since late november according to the latest Fluview report. Influenza-like illness (ILI) decreased slightly.2. Current data indicate that the flu season peaked.5 in early february (during week 5). However, 2 states, guam, and puerto rico continue to report widespread or regional flu activity.

See also help:Image page. It used to be possible to manually include links to multiple sections using the syntax this may be useful when editing several sections at once. This did not work as of June 2009. It was reported in bugzilla:15481, which was a duplicate of bugzilla:16530. For example, the edit summary: :Inputbox should be rendered as: foo test bar test but is instead rendered as in the Edit summary for this edit. Help improve this page. Skip directly to search, skip directly to a to z list. Skip directly to navigation, skip directly to page options, skip directly to site content. Situation Update, the Fluview report minutes published on may 25 marks the final full influenza surveillance report of the flu season in the United States. Influenza surveillance in the.

do a summary

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They cannot be added or removed manually. Notes for desk experienced users there are standard templates for warning editors who delete content without providing an edit summary: Uw-delete1 (which assumes good faith) and Uw-delete2 (which doesn't). Uw-editsummary is available for notifying users who have not provided an edit summary for other types of edit. These are available via twinkle. When editors stand for Adminship, their RfA pages include statistics about how often they have provided edit summaries in the past. File upload summary when uploading an image one can supply an upload summary. This serves multiple purposes: as second part of the automatically created edit summary of the upload log (the first part giving the file name) as text in the entry of the image history in the case that the file name of the image is new. Note that there is no preview function to check the code for the links, template calls and category tags, but of course, if needed one can edit the image page after uploading, to correct errors and also to extend the text.

do a summary

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Text typed into the subject field the becomes both the edit summary and a new heading (which is added to the end of the page and text entered into the main edit box is inserted below this heading. Automatic summaries : wikipedia:Automatic edit summaries In certain circumstances, an automatic summary is generated when an edit is saved without one. This is slightly different to the summary added when editing a section, as that can be modified by the user before saving. Situation Page text Creating or replacing a page with a redirect 1' is replaced with the target of the redirect) Mediawiki:Autoredircomment Redirecting to 1 Removing all text from a page mediawiki:Autosumm-blank Blanking page removing most of the text from a page, or editing a short. They are, however, useful in providing some context for edits made by inexperienced users who are not aware of the importance of edit summaries, and for spotting vandalism. Tags : wikipedia:Tags Tags (i.e., edit tags) are brief messages that the software automatically places next to certain edits in histories, recent changes and other special pages. They are implemented by the edit filter to help assist vandalism patrollers and other page watchers.

When editing an existing section, the section title is inserted at the beginning of the edit summary, enclosed with and marks, for example external links. Details of the edit should be added after this text. In the case that you provide a long summary yourself, you can delete the section title in order to stay within the limit of 250 characters. When viewing such an edit summary, the section name will appear in grey, with a small link next to it: External links. Click the link to view the section (if the section no longer exists, the link will just take you to the page). If you create a new section before or after an existing section by clicking a section " edit " link, delete the text between and marks to avoid confusion. "Post a comment" talk page feature when starting a new thread on a talk page, the "Post a comment" feature can be used. Click the plus sign next to the Edit link. A box labelled " Subject/headline " appears before the main editing box.

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do a summary

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After you save the page, you cannot change the edit summary. Doesn't appear in searches. The wikimedia search function cannot search edit summaries, and they are not indexed by external search engines. Wikilinks always rendered; other wikitext coding ignored. Text in edit summaries renders internal links, including piped links, and interwiki links, even when enclosed within nowiki and /nowiki.

Therefore, copying wikitext in the edit summary box may be preferable to copying text from the preview, except when one wants to save space. Other wikitext coding is not interpreted. When copying an external link essay from the preview into the edit summary box then, depending on the operating system, the "printable version" is copied,. How it is normally rendered, and in addition, between parentheses, the url; hence the same information as in the wikitext, but in a different format, as well as a possible invented sequential number. Places where the edit summary appears the edit summary appears in black italics in the following places: Notes Use the enhanced watchlist to see all recent changes in the watched pages, not just the last change in each page. Section editing when adding a new section to a discussion page with the "new section" button, the section title is used as the edit summary.

For example: reverted edits by User:Example, see talk for rationale fixing after you save the page, you cannot change the edit summary, so be careful with it, particularly if you are in a heated content dispute  do not write things you will regret. If you make an important omission or error in an edit summary, you can correct this by making a dummy edit (an edit with no changes and adding further information in its own edit summary. In the extreme case of an edit summary containing certain kinds of harmful content, the summary can be deleted on request. They may be removed from public view by administrators using revision Deletion ; such edit summaries remain visible to administrators. In even more limited circumstances the entire edit may be oversighted, leaving it and its edit summary visible only to the handful of users with the oversight permission.

Edit summary properties and features limited to 250 characters. The edit summary box can hold one line of 250 characters. If you attempt to type or paste more, only the first 250 characters will be displayed  the rest will be discarded. For example attempting to add 10 new characters (at the end or in between) to a summary already containing 245 characters will result in the first 5 new characters being inserted and the second 5 being disregarded. The "Show preview" button also provides a preview of the edit summary to facilitate checking links. Can't be changed after saving.

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Explain what you changed, and cite the relevant policies, guidelines or principles of good writing, but try not to target or to single out others in a way that may come across as an attack or an insult. Use of edit summaries in disputes proper use of edit summaries is critical to resolving content disputes. Edit summaries should accurately and succinctly summarize the nature of the edit, especially if it could be controversial. If the edit involves reverting previous changes, it should be marked as a revert rv in the edit summary. Avoid using edit summaries to carry on debates or negotiation over the content or to express opinions of the other users involved. This creates an atmosphere where the only way to carry on discussion is to revert other editors! If you notice this happening, start a section evernote on the talk page and place your comments there. This keeps discussions and debates away from the article page itself.

do a summary

check recent changes, page history and User contributions (see below) very efficiently. It also reduces the load on the servers. Expand on important information. Readers who see only the summary might not get the entire picture. Prevent misunderstanding: If an edit requires more explanation than will fit in the summary box, use the talk page to give more information, adding "see talk" or "see discussion Page" to the summary. Mentioning one change but not another one can be misleading to someone who finds the other one more important; add "and misc." to cover the other changes. Editors should explain their edits, but not be overly critical or harsh when editing or reverting others' work. This may be perceived as uncivil, and cause tension or bad feelings, which makes collaboration more difficult.

Accurate summaries help other contributors decide whether it is worthwhile for them to review an edit, and to understand the change should they choose to review. When a major edit (e.g. Deletion of a substantial amount of text) doesn't have an edit summary, there are fewer reasons to assume good faith and busy editors may be more inclined to revert the change without checking it in detail. Summaries are less important for minor changes (which means generally unchallengeable changes such as spelling or grammar corrections but a brief note like "fixed spelling" is helpful even then. How to summarise, summarise. Summarise strange the change, even if only briefly; even a short summary is better than no summary. Give reasons for the change, if there is a reasonable chance that other editors may be unclear as to why it was made. Abbreviations should be used with care.

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The edit summary field appears above the write "save page" button. An edit summary is a brief explanation of an edit to a wikipedia page. When you edit a page, there is a small text entry field labeled. Edit summary located under the main edit box and above the. Edit summaries are displayed in lists of changes (such as page histories and watchlists and at the top of diff pages. It is good practice to fill in the Edit summary field, or add to it in the case of section editing, as this helps others to understand the intention of your edit. To avoid accidentally leaving edit summaries blank, you can select "Prompt me when entering a blank edit summary" on the. Editing tab of your user preferences, if you have created an account. Always provide an edit summary, it is considered good practice to provide a summary for every edit, especially when reverting (undoing) the actions of other editors or deleting existing text; otherwise, people may question your motives for the edit.

do a summary
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Fasta) Start End nbases Ambigs Polymer NumSeqs. Nejaktuálnější informace a zprávy o summary nokia, které najdete přehledně seřazené níže.

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  1. Below is a summary of the key flu indicators for the week ending may 19, 2018 (week. Always provide an edit summary :Edit summary labeled Edit summary located under the main edit box and above the save page button. Nyse volume summary nyse national Volume summary market Volume summary component file provides total trades, volume, and dollar volume. Summary contigsreport alignreport Summary.

  2. Focus4 Summary summary Information Each trial within these patient molecular cohorts will aim to be double blind and compare. A short summary of William Shakespeare's Henry viii. This free synopsis covers all the crucial plot points of Henry viii.

  3. 2017, summary, knowledge hub for managing sediment. ideas, background summary, quick analysis, and every other vital detail can be included in it to help others reach a conclusion. View the basic ixic stock chart on Yahoo finance. Change the date range, chart type and compare nasdaq Composite against other.

  4. See table 1 for a summary of the cranial nerves, their modalities and functions. The, summary, reports also include individual reviews of each of the programs tested by av-comparatives in the main test series. Engie is committed to responsible growth of its businesses (power, natural gas and energy services) in response to the central. believe that summary writing is easy, and students should be able to do it without being taught; teachers will sometimes make.

  5. Write a powerful Resume, summary. Find your sample resume summary statements about management, professional and executive work. to the season, summary by sending records to the appropriate zone coordinator for the geographic region in which species were found. provide a summary or check minor changes before saving a section or a page, thus requiring that all major changes be given.

  6. 2011, summary, knowledge hub for managing sediment. Knowledge hub for managing sediment. How to cite and use. 2015, summary, knowledge hub for managing sediment.

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