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Specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, time-bound, we can modify our strategies accordingly if we feel that there is something wrong. There is another important factor which attract most of he individual to develop Personal development plan; it involves different levels of work and activities. This thing lead us in very productive way and with the passage of time we evaluate our selves and if we feel that there is need to acquire more knowledge then we can act accordingly. We also learn from our day to day activities and make our next activity better than the previous. While running towards our goal, we communicate with different kind of people, which gives us a chance to assess by them and by our self also. We get feedback from other people. Pdp bring systems in our life to attain our goal and objectives.

We also highlight our weaknesses and also search ways and means to retail overcome our weakness and be more productive. To attain goal, it is not sufficient to analyze our self only. We also analyze that what kind of resources we resume can obtain and from where we can have these. We also overcome about threats to meet our goal. As we come to know that each and every aspect which is directly or indirectly supportive or hurdle to attain our goal. Then we develop a very comprehensive strategy to conquer our set goal. Establish your purpose or direction, identify your development needs. Identify learning opportunities, formulate an action plan, undertake the development. Record the outcomes, evaluate the review, advantages of pdp. This is a main advantage of pdp that it always based on smart action Plan. Before implementing our strategies towards our desired goal, we can easily realize that our goal.

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Importance book of pdp, personal development plan uses for career development and growth in life. Gives us a road map and frame work to attain our goals in life. If we will call it as backbone of our life then it will not be wrong. It is a self-reflection of individual. While setting up goals, we think that we want to be according to our interest, our abilities and market opportunities. As we decided a goal in our life then we make pdp to attain that goal. While developing pdp, we analyzed our core competencies and come to know our creating skills, capabilities which are helpful for that specific task.

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"devolution of Power: Atiku, buhari lock horns - post-Nigeria". Print, reference this, published: twist 23rd March, 2015 9th may, 2017. Introduction, every individual has its personal plan, goals in his/her life and he/she develop strategies to accomplish. It is another debate that he/she attain that target or not but in reality everyone has personal development plans. Even in daily routine life, we have tasks and goals and we also make strategies to get done these responsibilities. Objective of the task:-, report format, main answers. Meaning And Definition Of Personal development Plan (Pdp) "A structured and supported process undertaken by an individual to reflect upon their own learning, performance and/or achievement and to plan for their personal, educational and career development".

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"Nigeria's key opposition Party Approves Merger Plan". Retrieved gbakwuru, johnbosco (10 February 2013). "Nigeria: New Party buhari, tinubu, threaten Jonathan With Armoured Personnel student Carrier, apc". Retrieved 12 February 2013. "apc lacks internal democracy" Ex-Deputy Chairman, Annie okonkwo rejoins pdp".

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Retrieved maram, mazen (7 February 2013). "Nigerian Biggest Opposition Parties Agree to merge". Retrieved 11 February 2013. Opoola, murtala (10 February 2013). "Nigeria: Welcome, all Progressives Congress". "Election Result-Independent National Electoral Commission".

Retrieved "Nigeria election: Muhammadu buhari wins". Retrieved "Nigeria makes history in presidential election". Retrieved "apc wins 214 house of Reps' seats". Archived from the original on Retrieved "apc wins 64 seats in Senate". Archived from the original on Retrieved gomuo, zebulon (11 February 2013). "Possible risks in opposition merger ahead 2015". Archived from the original on 14 February 2013.

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28 Its social writing policy is a combination of social nationalism. Despite the gpa parties' domination by pro-devolution politicians like atiku abubakar, bola tinubu and Chief Bisi akande, the party's presidential bearer and the cpc wing is less inclined to federalism. This basic tension creates sorts of ideological strange bed fellows, accommodated in context of a desire to win and combine forces in the 2015 election cycle. 29 On november 1, 2017,. Skc ogbonnia became the first candidate under the party to declare his intention to seek the office of the president of Nigeria in 2019 elections. See also edit references edit oshiomhole Emerges apc national Chairman Unopposed admin. "Senator Lawal Shuaibu - apc all Progressives Congress". "Olusegun Oni - apc all Progressives Congress".

Political ideology edit Economic issues edit The apc is generally considered to be a centre-left political party that favors controlled market economic policies, and a strong and active role for government regulation. A substantial number of its political leaders are followers of or politicians who subscribe to the social democratic political philosophy of Obafemi Awolowo and the socialist and anti-class views of Aminu kano. Moreover, the majority of the apc's base of political support is in southwestern Nigeria and Northern Nigeria, which paper are dominated by the country's largest ethnic groups, the yoruba and the hausa-fulani, respectively. Social issues edit most political parties in Nigeria are socially conservative as a reflection of the views of the populace. However, compared to nigeria's other major party, the people's Democratic Party, the apc is considered a more socially conservative party. This is in part due to the party being dominated by an older generation of Nigerian politicians a fact or an opinion? and the fact that a substantial base of its voters live in the predominantly muslim hausa-fulani parts of Nigeria. Like the pdp, the apc is against same-sex relations, and strongly favors social conservatism on moral, religious and cultural grounds. The apc is more supportive of state's rights, advancing state police as part of its manifesto.

the smaller opposition parties. This initially gave the apc a slim majority of 186 legislators in the lower house out of a total of 360 legislators; however, subsequent political wrangling and pressure from political factions and interests outside the national Assembly of Nigeria, gave the party only 37 additional. 23 This was further confirmed when the party seated 179 members on January 15, 2015 when the house resumed after a long recess to finally affirm its majority. 24 The governors who defected to the apc were rotimi Amaechi of rivers State, abdulfatah Ahmed of Kwara State, rabiu kwankwaso of Kano State, murtala nyako of Adamawa State and Aliyu wamakko of sokoto State. It had been previously reported that governors mu'azu babangida Aliyu of Niger State and Sule lamido of Jigawa State were to set to defect from the people's Democratic Party to the apc; however, both ended up remaining with the people's Democratic Party. In the 2015 elections, mu'azu babangida Aliyu ran as a senatorial nominee of the people's Democratic Party for the niger State east senatorial district, losing in a landslide to the apc's david Umaru. 25 On 1213 December 2014, the apc was admitted as a consultative member into the socialist International. 26 On the 4th of July 2018, important members who were earlier identified as npdp caved again out from apc to formed "Reformed apc" this is done ahead of 2019 general election. The formation of the r-apc made the opposition, the pdp the majority in the senate. 27 Prior to the formation of the apc and its victory in the 2015 elections, muhammadu buhari had previously contested (and subsequently lost) the nigerian presidential elections of 20the presidential nominee of the All Nigeria peoples Party (anpp) and the 2011 Nigerian presidential election.

People's Democratic Party to block legislation. 10 11, contents, formation edit, formed in February 2013, the party is the result of an alliance of Nigeria's three biggest opposition parties the. Action Congress of Nigeria (acn the, congress for Progressive change (cpc the, all Nigeria peoples Party (anpp) and a faction of the. All Progressives Grand Alliance (apga) merged to take on the. 12 13, the resolution was signed by, tom ikimi, who represented the acn; Senator Annie okonkwo on behalf of the apga; Ibrahim Shekarau, the Chairman of anpp's Merger Committee; and Garba Shehu, the Chairman of cpc's Merger Committee. 14 Ironically, less than 2 years before the party's historic victory in the 2015 elections, messrs. Annie okonkwo, tom ikimi and Ibrahim Shekarau resigned from the party and joined the pdp. The party received approval from the nation's Independent National Electoral Commission (inec) on to become a political advantages party and subsequently withdrew the operating licenses of the three predecessor parties (the acn, cpc and anpp). In March 2013, it was reported that two other associations African peoples Congress and All Patriotic Citizens also applied for inec registration, adopting apc as an acronym as well, reportedly "a development interpreted to be a move to thwart the successful coalition of the opposition.

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The, all Progressives Congress (APC) is a political writing party. Nigeria, formed on 6 February 2013 in anticipation of the 2015 elections. 5 6, apc candidate, muhammadu buhari won the presidential election by almost.6 million votes. 7, incumbent President, goodluck jonathan conceded defeat on 31 March. This was the first time in Nigeria's political history that an opposition political party unseated a governing party in a general election and one in which power transferred peacefully from one political party to another. 9, in addition, the apc won the majority of seats in the. Senate and the, house of Representatives in the 2015 elections, though it fell shy of winning a super-majority to override the ability of the opposition.

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You need a minimum of 50 hours of cpd for the calendar year, including: a professional development Plan (PDP) (allocated a standard 5 hours) at least 10 hours of peer review activities. Atiku abubakar, gcon (born 25 november 1946) is a nigerian politician, businessman and philanthropist, who served as the second elected vice-president of Nigeria from 1999 to 2007, on the platform of the people's Democratic Party (pdp with President Olusegun Obasanjo. Else, as Shujaats assassination shows us, things could become entirely irretrievable.

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  1. Personal development Plan Final Reflection Essay type of paper: Essays Subject: Education Words: 1820. The board of cooperative educational Services does not discriminate on the basis of an individuals actual or perceived race, color, religion, creed, ethnicity, national origin, citizenship status, age, marital status, partnership status, disability, predisposing genetic characteristics, sexual orientation. The All Progressives Congress (APC) is a political party in Nigeria, formed on 6 February 2013 in anticipation of the 2015 elections. Apc candidate muhammadu buhari won the presidential election by almost.6 million votes.

  2. Any opinions, findings, conclusions or recommendations expressed in this material are those of the authors and. How to make a personal development plan. A complete, free guide with examples and step-by-step instructions. Task.1 Introduction: Professional development Planning (PDP) is a structured and supported process undertaken by an individual to reflect upon.

  3. It uses the concept of reflection to enable one keep track of the steps he has made towards acquiring skills and knowledge. Disclaimer: This essay has been submitted by a student. This is not an example of the work written by our professional essay writers. You can view samples of our professional work here.

  4. The south African Institution Of civil Engineering Visit our website to view the benefits of becoming a member. Address: saice house, block 19, Thornhill Office park, bekker Street, vorna valley x21, midrand Contact Number: (011) Operating hours: 8am - 16:30. John Shiklam in Kaduna The opposition peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Kaduna State has won the rescheduled chairmanship election in Jaba local government Area of Kaduna State. A personal development plan is one of the most effective tools for students and professionals who want to achieve excellence in their respective fields.

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