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He is an elderly man again and living in the nursing home. He watches the circus go up and sees the other residents being wheeled up the street by relatives. When it is time for dinner, he demands to be sat at a table by himself. He still has not forgiven McGuinty, who now sits with the admiring ladies. Jacob grows angry when he hears that McGuinty had his ticket to the circus upgraded to a ringside seat because he told a circus employee he used to carry water for the elephants. Jacob demands real food and sends his dinner plate crashing to the floor when he does not get. Rashid is summoned and it is decided that Jacob is depressed. The next day he is forced to take a new pill, Elavil, which, he is told, will help him feel better.

The chapter closes with Jacob saying, This is the first time i've ever seen a woman naked and I don't think i'll ever be the same. Four Jacob earns a dollar for his work at the cooch tent. Camel figures him for a college boy and tells him to go back to his life if he's got a life to go back. Jacob says he doesn't and ends up essay spending the night in a sleeper car, crammed under another man's bunk. He is introduced to Uncle Al and August and says he wants to work on the circus. Uncle Al wants to throw Jacob from the train, but August, when he finds out Jacob trained to be a veterinarian at Cornell, suggests keeping him. He takes Jacob to kinko's car and tells the dwarf to offer the show's new veterinarian his cot. Instead, jacob spends the night on a crumpled horse blanket against the wall as far from the cot as he can due to kinko's cold reception. He dreams of his mother and of Barbara's breasts. Five jacob wakes from his dream crying.

water for elephants plot summary

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In his grief, he walks out of his final exam without taking it, walks to the edge of town, and follows the train tracks. He hops the train and finds himself in the company of four men, all employees of the benzini Brothers Most Spectacular Show on Earth. Three when the train reaches its destination the next morning, camel, one of the four men from the night before, gets Jacob a job shoveling manure from the stock cars. The circus short is being set up at breakneck speed all around him. He enjoys a huge breakfast while camel teaches him some circus rules and vernacular. Camel's friend, cecil, the sideshow talker, hires Jacob and two other men to help him draw rubes into the sideshow. When Jacob uses force to break up a fight between Cecil and an unhappy customer, cecil shows his gratitude by promoting the young man to bouncer of the cooch tent. In his third position of the day, jacob is responsible for ensuring that everyone pays fifty cents to see barbara strip—no peeping toms are allowed. He is also responsible for keeping order during her burlesque.

water for elephants plot summary

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His heart lurches when he sees that a circus tent is being set up across the street. He and the nursing home's newcomer, joseph McGuinty, get into a fight when McGuinty claims to have carried water for the elephants in the circuses of his youth. When Jacob calls him an old coot and a liar, he is taken to his room to calm down. Later Rosemary, the nurse, brings him a bowl of fruit—food that Jacob fantasizes about. He thinks about his wife of sixty-one years and how she died of cancer. He misses her but is grateful that she died first and was spared the grief of surviving his death, because, being the survivor stinks. Two The second chapter of Water for Elephants opens with a flashback to 1931, when Jacob is twenty-three. His parents are killed in a car accident a week before he is to graduate cornell University with a degree in veterinary medicine. When he finds out the bank owns his parent's home, everything in it, and his father's veterinary practice, jacob realizes all their money went to pay his ivy league tuition.

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water for elephants plot summary

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Her next novel, Flying Changes continues the story of her protagonist from. Published in 2005, Gruen's second novel was as well received as her first. Gruen was inspired to write, water for, elephants in 2003 after reading an article about Edward. The photo that accompanied the article so fascinated Gruen she abandoned the book she intended to write and started researching the world of the train circus. She spent the next four-and-a-half months studying her subject and in 2006 the novel was published.

The book was met with immediate popular acclaim and became a bestseller. In summary the new York times book review, critic Elizabeth Judd writes, Unsurprisingly, writers seem liberated by imagining a spectacle where no comparison ever seems inflated, no development impossible. For better and for worse, gruen has fallen under the spell. With a showman's expert timing, she saves a terrific revelation for the final pages, transforming a glimpse of Americana into an enchanting escapist fairy tale. Praised for its meticulous research, superb plot, richly drawn characters, and flawless pacing, water for Elephants was nominated for a 2006 quill Award for General Fiction, was a book sense number-one pick for June 2006, and won the 2007 book browse award for most popular. The novel hit the new York times bestseller list and reached number one on July 8, 2007. One jacob is in his early nineties and lives in a nursing home.

She abandoned the book she had been planning to write and immediately began researching the world of the train circus. A few years later, water for, elephants was published. Her story of the benzini Brothers Most Spectacular Show on Earth was crafted using many fascinating facts and anecdotes about the history of the American circus and the. Great Depression, the time during which the main action of the story is set. Part history, part romance, part murder mystery, the novel's use of authentic circus language from the period reflects the meticulous research that went into the book.

Featuring fairytale elements, this glimpse of Americana is by turns dark, violent, sad, and heartbreaking, but it delivers a truly memorable happy ending. Ranked number one on the. New York, times bestseller list for several weeks, water for, elephants was one of the most popular novels of 2006. Sara Gruen was born in 1969 in Vancouver, canada. A dual citizen of Canada and the United. States, Gruen moved to the States in 1999 for a technical writing job. She was laid off two years later and decided to try writing fiction full-time instead of looking for another job. Her debut novel, riding Lessons was published in 2004 to wide critical and popular acclaim.

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Introduction, author biography, plot, summary, characters, themes. Style, historical context, critical overview, criticism, sources. Further reading, sara gruen 2007, water resume for, elephants, published in 2007, is Sara Gruen's third novel. The inspiration for the book was. Chicago Tribune article about Edward. Kelty, shakespeare a photographer who followed traveling circuses around the. United States in the 1920s and 1930s. Gruen was so fascinated by the images that accompanied the article she bought two volumes of old-time circus photographs.

water for elephants plot summary

Suffering-, the fourth theme shown in the book, water for, elephants is suffering. . On the outside the circus looks like a fun, exciting, and beautiful life, but behind it is suffering and pain. August feels the need preferee to beat Rosie to get her to walk on cue and August beats Marlena so she does what he wants her. . Jacob suffers when he tries to protect the ones he loves, like marlena and Rosie. . During Rosie's first performance she runs out of the ring, knocking Marlena right off the top of Rosie. . Marlena goes flying through the air, but manages to catch on to something and make it look like it was supposed to happen. . The crowd roars, but when Marlena lands, her feet are badly bruised. . to the audience that act looks wonderful and amazing, but behind it Marlena suffers.

are many example of courage shown in the book, water for, elephants. The third theme shown in the book, water for, elephants is admiration. . The only reason the circus is up and running is because people admire the circus and the acts. . The more extreme the acts, the more applause earned from the crowd. . None of the crowd want to know what goes on backstage or with each of the performers' personal lives; they just want to enjoy the show. . no matter what happens behind the scenes the performers always pull it together and the circus overpowers all of them. In the present day, mcGuinty and others at the nursing home claim to have worked in the circus and are liked by all at the nursing home residents and staff. . Jacob realizes that being in a circus makes you admired, but he never says anything to anyone at the home.

Rosie is a very smart animal and remembers that August beat her up and she wants revenge. . Rosie is able to sense that Marlena and Jacob do not like him either. . The theme of love reappears several times in the book, water for, elephants. Courage-, the second theme shown in the book, water for, elephants is courage. Courage is shown in the beginning of the book when Jacob jumps on the moving train. . Jumping on a moving train is very dangerous and comes with many risks. . Jacob has no idea writing what kind of train it is or where it is going. . This shows a lot of courage. .

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Love-, the first theme shown in the book, water for, elephants is love. . love is shown though the way jacob treats and loves Marlena. Jacob fights for her and never gives up until he has her. . Jacob is beat up and threatened to be kicked off the train because he loves Marlena, but he never gives. Toward the end of the book when men from another circus come and try to take away marlena's horses, marlena stands firm and protects the horses she loves. . Marlena wins the argument and gets to keep her eleven horses. The theme of love appears when Rosie drives that stake through August's head. .

water for elephants plot summary
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Water for Elephants, there is a discreet and subtle but very significant symbol that prevails throughout the book and is the basis of the core of the novel. The third theme shown in the book, water for Elephants is e only reason the circus is up and running is because people admire the circus and the acts. The more extreme the acts, the more applause earned from the cro.

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  4. Jacob Jankowski- the novels protagonist, (93 years) he lives in a nursing home where there are always people helping him and that isnt what he wants, he wants to be free. Water for Elephants audiobook, by sara Gruen. A brilliantly crafted and deeply moving novel, water For Elephants is the tale of Jacob Jankowski. Water for Elephants (2011.

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